strawberry fields and good beer

ryan’s sister and her family are visiting us this week.

they drove here all the way from rochester, new york!

you can see more about their travels on their blog halfway to somewhere.

on tuesday we took everybody out to kruger’s farm on sauvie island to do some strawberry picking.

strawberries 1

strawberries 2

strawberries 3

strawberries 4

strawberries 5

strawberries 6

strawberries 7

strawberries 8


strawberries 10

after working up an appetite (although, there may have been a few strawberries eaten) we headed over to hopworks urban brewery {i wrote about the hub in one of my very first blog posts} and ended up having the banquet room all to ourselves.

strawberries 12

to say that these cousins have fun together is an understatement!

when the kids have been at school and the cousins have been doing their own exploring, i have been busy making jam from the 20 pounds of strawberries we picked!

so far, i have made strawberry vanilla {from the book food in jars}, strawberry thyme, and strawberry basil!

this is my first time making strawberry jam and it is a lot of fun…i may sneak away to go strawberry picking by myself before the kids get out of school for the summer.

speaking of summer,  this is where we will be exploring…

  • sun river, oregon
  • rochester, new york
  • lake pend oreille, idaho
  • bella beach, oregon

stay tuned…

home is…adventures with cousins!

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