a day at the oregon coast

last sunday we got up early to head to the coast with ryan’s sister and her family.

we made a breakfast stop at camp 18 and explored some of the additions they have made to the grounds to showcase the history of logging in the pacific northwest.

i could have walked around for hours taking photos of the old rusty stuff.

this train car was particularly fascinating to me…
coast 1

wooden doors…rusty metal…chippy paint…

coast 2

the exterior was beautiful turquoise bead board…

coast 3

isn’t that rust spot just perfect?!

coast 4

i can just imagine the stories that the old walls could tell…

coast 5

there was a swallow nest on one of the walls, and the mom and dad were eagerly waiting to return to their babies, but were keeping an eye on the stranger peeking in at their home…

coast 6

not sure what this was used for…transporting animals was my guess…

coast 7

the ferns and moss seemed to find it a good place to call home…

coast 8

we decided to take a drive to ecola state park instead of just driving to cannon beach.

our kids had never been there, so it was a first for them, too!

coast 9

goonies never say die…

{random fact about me: did you know that goonies is the movie that put a move to oregon in my mind? when i saw the movie in 4th grade i remember thinking, “i want to live there someday.” here i am, many years later living my dream.}

coast 10

beautiful haystack rock at cannon beach just after low tide…

coast 11

there was a spring of water coming off these rocks…the moss was like a carpet…

coast 12

we ended up setting up a spot at indian beach and exploring for a while…

coast 13

it was a perfect day for the coast.

i really liked visiting indian beach again. it’s small, not crowded and has tide pools to explore and surfers to watch. the last time i was there was with oakie.

i hope to make a handful of day trips to the coast with my kids this summer. if you live in portland and want to meet us there, leave a comment and i will put a list of e-mails together to let you know when we plan to do another day trip!

home is…at the oregon coast

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