reset mode

this month i am putting myself into reset mode.

my post last week about a peek inside my introvert heart got me to thinking.

and reading.

and resting.

and reseting.

here’s the thing, i’ve known for at least a year, when i first started reading quiet (on my father in laws recommendation) that i am an introvert, but until recently i didn’t understand how that affected me…especially while being a mom.

people who know me, even my own parents, might think, “an introvert? no way!”

i’m not socially awkward, which most people think of when they think of an introvert.

the truth of the matter is that introverts can be just fine in social situations, have many friends,  like entertaining, and even like public speaking!

however, like i said in last weeks post, i have learned that when i get too much of a good thing and i am wiped out.

what i have realized through reading about introverts the last week is that being a parent and being an introvert can be very draining. it makes sense to me now.

as much as i love being a stay at home mom, being “on” from the moment i wake up until the moment the kids finally go to sleep is exhausting.

it’s exhausting for anybody, really, but for somebody who needs quiet and alone time to recharge it is really difficult.

i want to do everything…

go on a date with my husband.

volunteer in the kids classes.

go for runs with the dogs.

meet friends for coffee.

take a yoga class.

entertain on the weekend.

write a blog post {or two or three}.

got to all the kids activities.

read a book.

meet friends for dinner or drinks.

create something pretty.

have play dates with the kids friends.

and, sometimes i make it all happen, but when i do i take a big hit.

not only do i take a big hit, but my husband and kids take a big hit. i get cranky, i get sick, and i need more time than i should to reset.

i am taking this month to really go into reset mode.

i am going to do things that are good for me and, in turn, good for my family.

i’m also going to write more about this because it feels good to get it out there.

home is…30 days to reset.

3 thoughts on “reset mode

  1. fynnandcade says:

    I completely understand. I’ve considered myself an introvert since I read this explanation: an extrovert is refreshed by time with others while an introvert is refreshed by time alone. It’s hard to be a mom while feeling badly for needing time on your own. Introverts unite! (No need to apply, we’ll know exactly who you are and admire from afar. 😉

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