summer 2015: 1/89

it’s officially the first day for BOTH kids to be on summer break.

they slept in…the little guy slept until 6:20 am and baby girl, get this, slept until 6:45 am!

i’m drinking my coffee…we’re in no rush this morning and it feels awesome.

it’s 11:30 am and we are all still in pi’s.

the kids are playing video games and i just watched this video…

omg. if you have ever loved a dog you were in tears, right?

2:00 pm {-ish} and i finally rallied the troops.

we went to red robin for a late lunch and then ran all over to get food for the pets.

i also bought the kids luggage.

you know that trip to sunriver that i said i canceled? well, it’s back on. we need a change in scenery.

3 thoughts on “summer 2015: 1/89

  1. Barista boy says:

    The part about going “insane with joy” when a loved one walks in the door is profound…….but probably not done most of the time. We underestimate time’s swift passage….

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