summer 2015: 2/89

5:20 am…no sleeping in today. baby girl was to excited about our planned adventure. i convinced her to snuggle with me until 6:20.

shortly after, the little guy came running downstairs.

they have had their hot chocolate.

i need coffee.

9:00 am…on the road.


two bikes, two dogs, two kids, and all our gear for the weekend.

after gassing up, getting cash, and stopping for starbucks we were on the highway by 9:45 am


12:30 pm…we made it to sisters.

stopped to let the dogs go potty.

stopped to look at an antique shop.


1:00 pm…trader joes in bend.

2:00 pm… made it to sunriver.



fort rock park.

enough to do for the two hours we had to spend before check-in time.

5:00…kids are in the hot tub.

i am typing our day up while sipping a beer.

summer break feels official, now.

i am glad i decided to uncancel this trip.

ryan has a conference down here, so we are piggy backing on his lodging for the weekend.

he was in palm springs for a meeting all week, flew in to portland today, and is driving down here as we speak. he’s the one who needs a vacation!


5:06 pm…i found this…

sunriver | ranch cabins

so we walked across the street {the kids pointed the pool out when we drove in) and had the whole place to ourselves.

sunriver | ranch cabins 1

sunriver | ranch cabins 4

sunriver | ranch cabins 2

sunriver | ranch cabins 3not bad. not bad, at all!


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