summer 2015: 14/89

today was a lazy day.

the kids {especially baby girl} were tired.

i had them watch a movie at 8:30 am…hotel transylvania. we saw a preview for hotel transylvania 2 when we went to see inside out, so i figured we should watch the first one!

they got a lot of screen time…meaning, no tickets were used. they like to play online on the ps4 with one of their cousins in new york.

on the other hand, my day was rather productive.

i got the bathrooms deep cleaned, the dog got a bath, i got some other things checked off the “to do” list, and dropped a load of stuff at goodwill!

i want summer to be lazy.

one of the things i looked forward to at the end of the school year was slow mornings without rushing to get out of the house.

as much as i like to check things off our summer list, i also like to just go with the flow of the day. if the kids are tired, then it means they can “veg out” and maybe get a bit more screen time.

there will be plenty of days where we are busy going all day long, so i like to balance that with some downtime.

today was a good day for downtime…and checking things off MY to do list!

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