summer 2015: 15/89

today is supposed to be the first day of some really HOT weather here in the pacific northwest.

Screen Shot 2015-06-25 at 9.30.30 AM

the weather has been weird this year. i’m not complaining, but we didn’t get rain like we usually do in may and june.

in fact, i’m pretty sure that colorado and oregon switched their weather patterns this year. i’m hoping they will give our weather back to us soon…i’m sure they would appreciate their hot and dry instead of our cool and wet, too!

going to try to check things off my list again today.

  • planning for a party
    • shopping
    • cleaning
  • getting ready for our first big trip of the summer
    • last minute errands
    • laundry
    • packing
    • house sitter lists

the kids already finished their summer learning for the morning. they both have done the required 3 packets for the week already, so i let them just do a couple of easier worksheets.

baby girl wants to learn to read and one of her workbooks had mini books at the back, so we cut those out for her to carry around with her and practice the words.

the little guy thinks his packets are too hard. they aren’t. he’s just not hugely motivated on his own. i don’t push. he’s smart. i want learning to be fun, not work. i may need to get a bit creative with him.

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