summer 2015: 16/89

the kids have been arguing a lot the last couple of days.

we have been somewhat cooped up inside while i try to get things done at the house, which has ended up in extra screen time. which ends up in poor attitudes when screen time ends. boo.


Screen Shot 2015-06-26 at 8.11.45 AM

need to find my inner peace today.

i found it!

this morning i told the kids they needed to wait until 10:00 for screen time…no matter what.

they knew what time they were allowed to get on the ps4, and they found other things to do until then!


so, i snuck outside for some quiet time…

quiet time 2

a little {quiet} chalkboard art creativity was just what i needed to recharge. {i think i am going to color the light bulbs in yellow}

quiet time

we are planning an outdoor movie for this weekend. ryan and i narrowed the movies down to three and then asked the kids, separately, what their choice would be in order of preference. they both chose the same movie!

this afternoon ryan had a conference call he had to be on, so i snuck out to get some errands done. another much needed {quiet} break with the bonus of getting things check off my “to do” list.

i got almost all of the errands done. i even was steps away from finishing them, but there was a loud fundraising event going on at the last store i needed to go to, so i turned around and drove home. no need to spoil my “inner peace” to check one more thing off the list. i can sneak back over there sometime this weekend, or even go with the kid on monday!

so we are hiding out in the AC {thank goodness} while it is 93 degrees in the shade outside the kitchen window!

seriously, this heat is crazy! and, it’s just supposed to continue into next week and the holiday weekend.


this guy is enjoying his time as the “only dog”, but i know he will miss us when we are traveling. i am sure that our house sitter will take good care of the pets, just like rainy is being taken care of in idaho, but they are my babies, too!

the heat is supposed to be even worse in idaho, where rainy is, so i am sure she will be doing lots of swimming in the rivers up there!

2 thoughts on “summer 2015: 16/89

  1. theressaasis says:

    This is such a cute idea! I’ll do something like that when I have movie nights with friends! 😀 thanks for sharing

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