summer 2015: 22/89

new york

i fell asleep to a cool breeze and sounds of the creek through the windows last night.

this morning, after a slow start, the kids and i went for a hike with ryan’s dad and their cousin while ryan and his mom drove to buffalo for the day.

{july 2} 1bops took us on a cool hike just a mile from their house.

{july 2} 2he has been volunteering with the friends of webster trails for years and is very knowledgable about the trail systems throughout the area.

{july 2} 3many of the trail projects, including boardwalks and bridges, have been local eagle scout projects.

{july 2} 4others are all volunteer efforts by the friends of webster trails.

{july 2} 5you can read more about the projects and the trail system in the newsletter that my father in law is in charge of editing.

{july 2} 6of course, knowing that there might be something old and rusty on the trail kept me going.

{july 2} 7there were a few old cars out here…story is that they used to be used in mud races when this was just an empty field.

{july 2} 8looks like this one wasn’t victorious.

{july 2} 9

afternoon was spent playing outside and cleaning up the creek for duck races later in our visit.

{july 2} 10

{july 2} 11

{july 2} 12

{july 2} 13and, for the record, i almost caught a frog! i am no good at holding frogs and snakes and i would like to, at the very least, be able to hold little frogs for the kids. this was a cute little guy that i tried to catch. i am bound and determined to catch one by the end of the trip!

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