summer 2015: 23/89

new york

watching your kids play is fun.

playing with them is even more fun!

we played today.


bike rides.



a game of bocci.

an epic nerf gun battle.

it was awesome to move and laugh with the kids today.

look at what i found…

{july 3} 1

i noticed a mama sparrow with food sitting on the front porch railing at my sister-in-law’s house.

i watched where she flew and peeked after she left.

one little baby.

ryan went out with some friends tonight. after i got the kids to sleep, i watched the fireflies dance all over the backyard near the creek.

ryan’s mom tells a story about the night that the little guy was born. one of our nephews was having a sleepover at nana and bop’s house and said he saw something winking at him out the window. they looked out to see fireflies all over the backyard.

so magical.

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