{summer 2015} 27/89

new york

today we went to visit ryan’s grandmother. we also got to see one of his aunts and her dog, pete.

the kids immediately loved pete.

{july 7} 2look at those puppy dog eyes.

on the way home we stopped for lunch at don and bob’s down in charlotte. i really wanted to take a walk along the pier, but the kids wanted to go swimming.

so, we skipped the lake and went back home to swim.

we had an early birthday celebration for baby girl.


{july 7} 3

{july 7} 4

{july 7} 5

{july 7} 6smores.

watching a movie with cousins.

it was a perfect way to celebrate.

in other news…we received a photo from friends in idaho who were visiting our friend (who is our dog breeder and trainer) who is taking care of rainy for the summer!

{july 7} 1looks like rainy has learned how to swim!


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