{grand river hoji ben} one year

it’s been one year since we said goodbye to grand river hoji ben.

{july 7} grand river hoji ben 1

my cousins husband is a fabulous artist and creates beautiful pet portraits of your family pet.

{july 7} grand river hoji ben 2

i had these portraits of ben done for ryan.

if you are interested in an original pet portrait for you or someone you love check out pet portraits by keith.

home is…missing our four legged fuzzy faced old man.

One thought on “{grand river hoji ben} one year

  1. Kathy says:

    Ben was the first dog Ryan ever had for his own… such a special love between the two of them… and we have always been so grateful for Ben’s protection when it was so needed to keep you safe. Good boy, Ben… your Nana misses you too… as well as loving Oak with the beautiful soul

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