summer 2015: 53/89


it feels good to be home, but i also miss the lake.

it is my favorite vacation of the summer.

this year was extra special because we were able to stay at my uncle’s beautiful lake house. my grandfather, and other uncles were unable to join us for the week, so my uncle buzz was the only one at the house, and he asked us to stay there instead of the house we had rented.

it made it so nice to wake up and be able to start playing whenever we wanted to.

the kids have had incredible experiences this summer with our extended family.



great grandparents.



great uncles.

great aunts.

second cousins.

life is all about experiences…and family.

so, on this slow sunday morning, we are getting back to normal.

we spent 22 of the last 32 days away from home.

there is a lot to catch up on around the house…and here on the blog.

i will be backdating my daily posts from the lake in the next few days…it was hard to keep up with all the fun we were having!

we still have over a month of summer left and more to be crossed of of our summer list, too!

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