summer 2105: 55/89

in the middle of spring i am usually ready for summer, by august  i am ready for fall, i am always hoping for some snow come december, and when february rolls around i am ready for the rain to stop.

thank goodness i live where the seasons change!

i am getting the itch to fluff the nest around here, but not sure where to start.

i picture vintage thermos’, picnic baskets, afghans and plaid wool blankets mixed with some more modern pieces and pops of color.


i need to get the house cleaned up before i can even think about changing things up.

today was totally lazy.

other than going to yoga, cleaning up the kitchen and doing a few other chores, the kids and i snuggled and relaxed.


3 thoughts on “summer 2105: 55/89

  1. Ale says:

    I’m always waiting for the next season to come. But I think we all do. It’s in peoples nature to crave for what they don’t have and not appreciate what they’ve already got…

  2. salpal1 says:

    I love the change of the seasons, but always feel that summer and fall are too short, so I am not ready yet to change over to the next one. 🙂 because after that comes the one that lasts too long. 🙂

  3. Sheridan Johnson says:

    I love the change of seasons, and yes I am thankful that Texas (USA) is perfect for season changes (if they do occur later than they should).

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