still on summer vacation

initially, i thought i would blog every day this summer.

i started out writing about our days…drinking coffee, exercising, and checking things off our summer list.

then vacations started.

i had grand plans of documenting each day of our family vacations in july.

i did ok, but there were just too many photos and not enough time in the day.

now it’s been 3 weeks since my last blog post.

august was the slow month of summer for us.

a month to be home and just relax after being away from home 21+ days in july!

it’s now just a blur…the kids had way too much screen/electronic time, we didn’t get much checked off the summer list, but we did relax.

i’m not going to feel guilty about the screen time. summer is for relaxing. screen time is a part of kids lives in this day and age.

that’s all i am going to say about it.

while almost all of the other kids in portland are heading back to school today, our kids have one more week of summer break left.

we like to end the summer on a vacation with just our family.

we went to the oregon coast over the  weekend. ryan and i both love this vacation the most. while being with extended family is a lot of fun, being with our family in a spot where all the to do lists can be put away is so important and fulfilling.

r & l 2

lola 3

bobo 1

bobo 2

bobo 3

lola 1

lola 2

r & l 1

family photo 1

family photo 2

we played in the waves, rode bikes, walked along the beach, drove along the coast {from tillamook down to florence}, went out to eat, explored, watched movies, sat in the hot tub, built sand castles, played board games, and thoroughly enjoyed our time together as a family.

7 thoughts on “still on summer vacation

  1. Fred the Needle says:

    When I was teaching I had a huge to do list for the 6 week summer break but most of it was done in the final week of the holidays! I found it was so refreshing just to drift through the days, we all need downtime – we are human beings not human doings. So I am pleased to read your days drifted into one another – it sounds like a perfect break to me.

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