summer 2015: 61/89

i had a strange dream last night.

i dreamt about the time that i walked in on a burglary in progress at our home in denver.

only this time the kids were with me and ben wasn’t there to keep me from walking in the door.

i woke up right when i opened the door.

i have no idea what it means. dreams are weird.

the little guy went to a park our camp today.

it’s a “survivor camp”, so they break into tribes and have to finish challenges. he earned all 4 of the wristbands he needed and won!

he ate these…

larvetsseriously, he jumps off cliffs and eats bugs. he’s all boy.

just as he is all boy, she is all girl.

{august 10} manipedi

she requested a manicure and pedicure while the little guy was at camp. she even talked me into getting a manicure {which i usually don’t do}.

i also made the time to get my training run in at our health club.

3 hard miles on the  treadmill.

i am so much happier running outside with my running partner {grand river odyssey}, but when i need to get miles in the treadmill works out great.




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