my heart is breaking

Yesterday morning I got that dreaded phone call.

You know the one.

The phone rings early in the morning and the caller ID shows it is family member from across the country calling.

The one where you know something bad has happened.

Yep, that one.

My sisters husbands brother took his own life the night before.

I was in tears immediately. I just wanted to be transported to Colorado to be there for my sister and her husband.

I am so thankful that my loved ones are okay, but my heart is breaking for them.

I want to do something. Fix something. Make it all better.

All I can say right now is tell those that you love that you do.

Give more kisses and hugs than usual.

Be thankful for what and who you have in your life.

Who knows when it could change.

I love you and am so thankful you are in my life Betsy, Rob and Sasha.

home is…wishing i could be “home”.

millions of miles away

My sister lost her job yesterday.

She will be employed through the end of the week, but after that she will be searching for a job…again.  She has been through a tough go of it the last couple of years.  In and out of jobs for one reason or another.  She is the breadwinner for her family.  I can’t imagine what she is going through.  And, unfortunately, we don’t talk often enough for me to know.  I actually found out about her job loss on Facebook before I checked my email and read a short email that she sent.

I’m feeling pretty helpless about the whole situation.  Not only am I 1200 miles away, but I feel millions of miles away because we just don’t communicate anymore.

home is…wishing there was something I could do, but having no idea what it would be.