We celebrated Reece’s birthday with friends on Saturday. It was a long awaited, talked about, and planned for party. We had a 1st birthday party for Reece in 2008, but since then we have not had a party for him.

This year, he wanted to have a party…

and, it was super.

As friends entered the house they were greeted by this…

I made the capes, they just added the decorations.

After the kids decorated their capes, the rest of the party was outside.

The tattoos were a hit.

It was so fun to see our yard decorated for the party and full of friends.

After some play and snacking it was time for the superheroes to save the day!

I love the look on Reece’s face as he’s watching the piñata be destroyed!

Everybody is ready to run for the loot…

The piñata was filled with superhero stickers, pencils, erasers, and fruit snacks.

The kids played for a little bit after the piñata.

One of the favorite places was the Batcave.

I threw some glow sticks under there for the kids to find. The girls took it over as their hideout…

Aren’t they all so pretty?

Cake was next on the agenda…

I have to admit, I did not cook a thing for this party. I bought the cake and put some of Reece’s superhero action figures on top.

Snacks were pretzels, popcorn, snack mix, and cheese puffs in buckets with paper bags for the kids to fill.

Drink choices were gatorade or water…and beer for the adults.

Finally, on to the gifts. The party was small enough that we could open the gifts during the party…and it was another “activity” for everybody to participate in.

Ryan was “warned” about the swarming that happens once gift opening begins…this is his reaction and description of actually seeing it happen!

Ryan was in charge of activities so I could take photos. He did an awesome job of keeping things under control.

Again, LOVED seeing friends filling our yard.

It was a super party.

Thank you to all the “Super Friends” who helped to make the day special!

I’ll be posting some of the details about the capes, bunting, invitations, piñata, and other homemade decorations in the coming days.

home is…a super celebration for our five year old!

serious about fort building

After a long and busy last week of preschool, a short weekend with Ryan out of town for a work meeting on Saturday, and a rainy Monday morning, we resorted to fort building to start our first week of summer break!

And, when we build forts, it’s not just the blanket thrown over a table kind of fort.

This is what you call a keep-it-up-all-week-fort.

And, since the weather looks like it will be rainy all week, that is what we will do!

The weekend was short with Ryan having to work in California until Saturday night, but we tackled a fun project in the little guy’s room.

We took apart the bunk bed and turned it into two twin beds. Nobody really ever wanted to sleep in the top bunk, so now the kids are excited about the prospect of Lala having a “sleepover” in Bobo’s room!

It’s official. I have a kindergartner…

and a preschooler!

We celebrated at the little guy’s school on Friday.

A luau party.

To celebrate summer birthday’s and moving on to kindergarten!

Complete with ice cream sundaes!

The little guy will be attending kindergarten and Lala will be going to preschool at the same school next year.

Teacher Becky said, “…out of all the boys I would take {the little guy} home with me. I hope he never loses his sensitivity. He is so thoughtful and caring.”

And, Teacher Janie has been one of his teachers the last two years. I will miss seeing her on a regular basis next year. She is always happy and smiling. I hope Lala has her for a teacher eventually.

So, we’re officially on Summer Break.

I will be back later this week with our summer list that we tried for the first time last year!

Stay tuned…

home is…keep-it-up-all-week-forts.

{batman room} always be batman

Have you seen this adorable photo going around Facebook?


Well, I made one of my own with a photo of the little guy from last Halloween.


I will be getting it printed to put in his Batman room.

home is…being yourself (unless you can be Batman).

{batman room} piecing the puzzle together

The little guy loves Batman.

Last year he received a huge plastic tub of matchbox cars from our next door neighbors. In it there were two Batmobiles, which quickly became his favorites. He took them everywhere…even slept with them at night.

I told him about Batman and soon his love for anything Batman grew.

He declared his 4th birthday a Batman birthday, has said he wants to be a Batmobile driver when he grows up, and wants to wear a Batman shirt or Batman colors (blue, grey, black and yellow) everyday!

So, I decided to grow his room up a bit from the “Go, dog. Go!” theme to a Batman theme.

I’ve collected Batman decor since last summer and slowly but surely have gotten some of it done.

It is still a work in progress, but close to being finished.

When it is done I will do a full room tour, but for now I wanted to show you the main piece of artwork and how it came to be.

I have loved all the Batman themed items that Pottery Barn has carried for the last year, but didn’t want to just put together a Pottery Barn Batman room.

About a month ago I took a quick trip to the mall by myself and found this at Pottery Barn Kids…

Source: via stephany @ on Pinterest

I had an large empty frame from IKEA and some Mod Podge at home, and immediately knew what I was going to do.

{I apologize for the not so great quality of the photos..taken with my iPhone, at night, indoors}

I opened up the frame, took out the mat, and started piecing the puzzle together on the floor.

Once I was done piecing it together, I slipped the back of the frame under the mat and started painting on the Mod Podge with a foam brush.

I carried it to the dining room table to let it dry over night.

The next morning I did another coat of Mod Podge and let it dry.

Once it was completely dry I placed it in the frame.

It took the little guy some getting used to, so it did not immediately go up on his wall.

It is hanging up there now and I love how it looks.

The puzzle is 24″ x 36″, with about and 1-1/2″ of mat underneath and the black frame. It definitely makes a statement.

I will have a full room reveal soon.

Stay tuned…same Bat-time, same Bat-channel!

home is…not just a Pottery Barn Batman room.

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batman vs. joker

The little guy LOVES Batman.

It all started when he got a huge tub of Matchbox cars from the boys next door. His favorite car, out of hundreds, was a Batmobile. I told him all about who drove the Batmobile and we slowly grew the obsession.

{I have to admit that Batman is my favorite superhero, too. I used to watch “Batman: The Animated Series” after high school in the 1990’s.}

One day this summer the little guy and I did a fun project while the baby girl was napping.

He bought a black and white checkerboard gameboard at a garage sale and kept wanting to play his “new game”. I kept telling him that it didn’t have game pieces and that we would need to make some.

So we did.

Here are the supplies we used:

I had all of these supplies on hand to make glass bead magnets for Christmas gifts when the little guy was a baby.

  • circle craft punch
  • flat glass marbles
  • magnetic sheeting
  • modge podge
  • scissors

I found images for Batman and the Joker online and resized them to fit the glass marble (about 1″ x 1″). I printed about 16 per 8-1/2″ x 11″ sheet of paper and cut them out using the circle craft punch.

I also cut circles out of the magnetic sheeting.

I slathered one side of the magnetic sheeting with modge podge…

…placed the Joker or Batman logo on the magnetic sheeting…

…slathered the flat side of the flat marbles with more modge podge…

…and made a magnetic sheeting, logo, flat marble sandwich. I did this 14 times for Batman and 14 times for the Joker.

I placed all of them under a BIG, HEAVY book until the modge podge dried (the next morning).

After the arch enemies had a good nights rest under “The New Hunter’s Encyclopedia” I trimmed the magnetic sheeting that stuck out around the flattened marbles.

I also found a Batman vs. Joker image and modge podged it to the middle of the game board.

And, we play it like Checkers!

Of course, I am always the Joker.

And, the little guy is Batman.

home is…game time.

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