serious about fort building

After a long and busy last week of preschool, a short weekend with Ryan out of town for a work meeting on Saturday, and a rainy Monday morning, we resorted to fort building to start our first week of summer break!

And, when we build forts, it’s not just the blanket thrown over a table kind of fort.

This is what you call a keep-it-up-all-week-fort.

And, since the weather looks like it will be rainy all week, that is what we will do!

The weekend was short with Ryan having to work in California until Saturday night, but we tackled a fun project in the little guy’s room.

We took apart the bunk bed and turned it into two twin beds. Nobody really ever wanted to sleep in the top bunk, so now the kids are excited about the prospect of Lala having a “sleepover” in Bobo’s room!

It’s official. I have a kindergartner…

and a preschooler!

We celebrated at the little guy’s school on Friday.

A luau party.

To celebrate summer birthday’s and moving on to kindergarten!

Complete with ice cream sundaes!

The little guy will be attending kindergarten and Lala will be going to preschool at the same school next year.

Teacher Becky said, “…out of all the boys I would take {the little guy} home with me. I hope he never loses his sensitivity. He is so thoughtful and caring.”

And, Teacher Janie has been one of his teachers the last two years. I will miss seeing her on a regular basis next year. She is always happy and smiling. I hope Lala has her for a teacher eventually.

So, we’re officially on Summer Break.

I will be back later this week with our summer list that we tried for the first time last year!

Stay tuned…

home is…keep-it-up-all-week-forts.

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