are you ready for some football?!

I love football.

If you know me, you know that.

If you follow me on Instagram, you know that.

I am a Denver Broncos fan.

I have been my entire life.

I grew up in Colorado…lived there for 30 years.

So, while I live in the Pacific Northwest, where everybody else is cheering for the Seahawks, we will be united in orange at our house on Sunday!

broncos 1


When I was in Colorado for the baby shower I stocked up on Denver Bronco gear for the whole family!

broncos 2

Our outdoor chalkboard needed to be updated, so I went with a vintage Denver Bronco theme.

broncos 9

Leftover decorations from the baby shower gave me a jumping off point for the Super Bowl…we’re just having a few friends over, but MY team is playing so I have to go big.

broncos 3


They look red in this photo, but these Chuckie T’s are bright orange. I love them. AND, Zappos got them to me in less than 24 hours! Amazing service.

broncos 11


Of course, this gave me an excuse for fun crafting…felt football and pennant garland!

broncos 4


No orange and blue to be found in the Pacific Northwest, so I ordered it. Guess where it shipped from? OMAHA! OMAHA!

broncos 5

Pigs in a blanket are ready to be cooked on game day!

broncos 10

Lorelai and I even made some Denver Bronco shrinky dinks…I may make some more to add to the football bead necklaces I ordered.

broncos 6


Today I finished out bulletin board decorations and made a Super Bowl Snackadium (search for “snack stadium” on Pinterest to find ideas on how to put one together…I was not able to do a tutorial as this was trial and error that worked out)…to be filled with snacks on Sunday!

broncos 7


I love to sew paper garland…it was the first thing I sewed on my sewing machine. I also used paper straws and cupcake liners for one of the garlands!

broncos 8


Penalty flags made from lollipops wrapped in yellow cocktail napkins will be a treat for our younger crowd…and probably some fun for the older crowd, too!

broncos 12


home is…getting ready for the big game.





color my world valentines and a giveaway

Valentine’s Day is this week, and while I feel it is a bit of an over rated holiday (we SHOULD love our loved ones EVERYDAY) I still decorate for it and get excited about it.

More for my kiddos than anything else.

I wanted to go ALL OUT for Reece’s first Valentine’s party at preschool when he was 3, but held back because he was only in preschool.

Not to mention, I was an exhausted mom of a 3-1/2 and 1-1/2 year old and could only handle buying what was cheapest at the dollar store (is there such a thing?!) and MAYBE sign his name.

Last year, same story different year.

Although, I think I made HIM sign his name.

This year, I decided to do something fun!

Around here we are fans of maps and color, so I decided to combine the two…


color my world 4

I found these adorable crayon packages at Target…

color my world 7

Tear pages out of the atlas.

color my world 5

Cut out heart shapes…about 6″ large.

color my world 2

Glue a crayon pack onto one side of the heart.

color my world 6

Write “You color my world, friend!” on the other side.

color my world 9

Sign your name.

color my world 3

Share the love!

color my world 8

and a giveaway

In the same section of Target where I found the awesome packs of crayons I also found the fun felted heart garland.

color my world 12

I swore that I could and would make something like it on my own, but gave in and bought TWO for our house.

color my world 11

Then, I went back and bought one more…for one of you!

I know you won’t get it in time for Valentines Day, but this is something I may keep up in my house year round!

And, you can too!

To enter leave an answer to the following question as a comment:

What are your plans for Valentines Day?

Deadline is Wednesday, February 13th at 9pm Pacific.

Winner will be announced on Thursday, February 14th!

home is…sharing the love.

4 sleeps ’til christmas {december blog giveaway}

If you think that’s exciting, how about a giveaway?!

I meant to get one on here earlier in the month, but got overwhelmed with my own holiday decoratingplayingcrafting, and gifting.

So, here we go…

And, as I promised, a happy elf

To enter, please answer the following question(s) with a comment below:

What is a favorite Christmas/holiday tradition that you grew up with?

And, if you have kids, how are you sharing that tradition with them?

For (4) additional entries you can:

{to be official, please mention each additional entry in a separate comment to count}

Deadline is Friday, December 23rd at 9pm Pacific.

Winner will be announced on Saturday, December 24th!

And, while the winner will not receive the package until after Christmas, there are goodies you can use year round, and others you can look forward to using next year!

{there may even be a couple of extra goodies in the package}

home is…giving joy to others.