color my world valentines and a giveaway

Valentine’s Day is this week, and while I feel it is a bit of an over rated holiday (we SHOULD love our loved ones EVERYDAY) I still decorate for it and get excited about it.

More for my kiddos than anything else.

I wanted to go ALL OUT for Reece’s first Valentine’s party at preschool when he was 3, but held back because he was only in preschool.

Not to mention, I was an exhausted mom of a 3-1/2 and 1-1/2 year old and could only handle buying what was cheapest at the dollar store (is there such a thing?!) and MAYBE sign his name.

Last year, same story different year.

Although, I think I made HIM sign his name.

This year, I decided to do something fun!

Around here we are fans of maps and color, so I decided to combine the two…


color my world 4

I found these adorable crayon packages at Target…

color my world 7

Tear pages out of the atlas.

color my world 5

Cut out heart shapes…about 6″ large.

color my world 2

Glue a crayon pack onto one side of the heart.

color my world 6

Write “You color my world, friend!” on the other side.

color my world 9

Sign your name.

color my world 3

Share the love!

color my world 8

and a giveaway

In the same section of Target where I found the awesome packs of crayons I also found the fun felted heart garland.

color my world 12

I swore that I could and would make something like it on my own, but gave in and bought TWO for our house.

color my world 11

Then, I went back and bought one more…for one of you!

I know you won’t get it in time for Valentines Day, but this is something I may keep up in my house year round!

And, you can too!

To enter leave an answer to the following question as a comment:

What are your plans for Valentines Day?

Deadline is Wednesday, February 13th at 9pm Pacific.

Winner will be announced on Thursday, February 14th!

home is…sharing the love.

15 thoughts on “color my world valentines and a giveaway

  1. April says:

    I have nothing exciting to share. I guess we kinda “wing it.” I’m sure we’ll get the kiddos a little something (I’m pretty sure my hubby already bought them each a book.) And will probably go around the table at dinner and share some of our favorite things about each other. ❥

  2. Maria says:

    Oh Valentine’s day how I love thee! This year the hubs and I will have a special dinner on the eve of Valentines…he has a business trip the rest of the week.
    Happy Heart day!

  3. Anne says:

    These valentines are SO sweet, and I love the felted garland! I want to do some sweet things for my kids on Valentine’s Day like surprise them with donuts, and maybe some pink milk for their breakfast. I’ll also attend my 9 year old’s class party that day. XO

  4. Ann Bagnaschi says:

    Sooo the hubs scored some tickets to go watch HIS favorite band (Soundgarden) perform in LA on Friday night the 15th…So my genius husband is combining that with a steak dinner at a restaurant in LA, and calling it “our Valentines day” celebration…he won this year! 😛

  5. Tracy Small says:

    Steph, I love those valentines!! You should submit them to a magazine like Family Fun and make some cash 🙂 Very creative!

  6. Christy K says:

    Your valentine’s are too, too sweet! I collect maps and globes so these are right up my alley! I am head over heels for that felted garland… it’s so cute I would probably have to leave it up year round! My plans for Valentine’s day are simple: to spend as much time as I can with those whom I love… and to maybe throw a pink & red cupcake into the mix too! Thank you kindly for the opportunity to win and a very Happy (early) Valentine’s Day to you!

  7. Katie says:

    We’ll be celebrating the 15th. Daddy’s a police officer and has to work the 14th. We have a special breakfast and heart shaped pizza for dinner.

  8. throuthehaze says:

    I haven’t been feeling well so this year will be spent at home with my fiance, but he isn’t very good at keeping secrets so I can tell he has some kind of surprise for me.

  9. Kam says:

    I love your giveaways and all of your crafty crafty ideas!!
    We don’t usually do anything on Valentines day to avoid the crowds and the extra expense of it being ‘valentines day’… We usually celebrate the following weekend. This year it will be PF Changs picked up and eaten at home on Thursday night and Newport Seafood Fest the following weekend to ‘celebrate’. Hope all the Taddeo’s have a wonderful Heart Day too!!!

  10. Amber says:

    School pickups and drop offs. And heart shaped everything. Pancakes, sandwiches fruit in his lunch. My boy is 16 yrs old…it will either go off well or he’ll be embarrassed by his over the top mom. 😉

  11. Emily says:

    I heart Valentines Day!! Last year I pasted hearts with all the reasons I think my girls are great on their bedroom door. We had a special heart breakfast and a fancy dinner with pink drinks. I plan to do the same this year!

  12. Stephanie says:

    Hello, I am from Germany, where Valentines Day isn’t that much celebrated. Years ago I went for some years to a german-american elementary school and got introduced to the Valentines Day and I celebrate it since these days. I either sent cards to friends or I did something else. This year I folded paper- lanterns with translucent paper (with little hearts on) and I will place them as a surprise in front of the Doors of some dear friends. I will cook a Valentines Dinner for my husband and my two sons. It consists of heart-shaped homemade pizza and a dessert. This year I will surprise them with heart-shaped red cake-pops. Especially my 5 year Old son loves the pizza. Everyone gets his own heart. I will never forget my sons face on the last Valentines day when he saw his own pizza. It was the first time he really appreciated it. He was so happy and excited. But lets face it: the most part of the day I will have to explain to ignorant people why I care for the Valentines day, sigh….

  13. Hollie says:

    My Valentines plans are to first have breakfast at my kids school as part of family breakfast day. Next host a 4th grade party for my daughter. And at dinner have a simple but sweet meal for my family.

  14. Penny says:

    We don’t really do anything special on Valentine’s Day. We give each other a card and my husband always buys heart shaped boxes of candy for our three girls. We have a new grandson and it will be his first Valentine’s Day, so maybe something special for him. I missed the garland in our Target! I wish I would have seen it, I know I would have bought at least one. I do have a huge basket of felted wool, I should just make one!

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