4 sleeps ’til christmas {december blog giveaway}

If you think that’s exciting, how about a giveaway?!

I meant to get one on here earlier in the month, but got overwhelmed with my own holiday decoratingplayingcrafting, and gifting.

So, here we go…

And, as I promised, a happy elf

To enter, please answer the following question(s) with a comment below:

What is a favorite Christmas/holiday tradition that you grew up with?

And, if you have kids, how are you sharing that tradition with them?

For (4) additional entries you can:

{to be official, please mention each additional entry in a separate comment to count}

Deadline is Friday, December 23rd at 9pm Pacific.

Winner will be announced on Saturday, December 24th!

And, while the winner will not receive the package until after Christmas, there are goodies you can use year round, and others you can look forward to using next year!

{there may even be a couple of extra goodies in the package}

home is…giving joy to others.

7 thoughts on “4 sleeps ’til christmas {december blog giveaway}

  1. kathy says:

    I love the way our family counts down in “sleeps”,, making all kinds of events easier to wait for… I would have to say that the one tradition I cannot do without is making Christmas Danish. My mother got the recipe from our neighbor Gladys Hoyler about 60 years ago, tinkered a bit with it, then only made it for Christmas morning. When I married and moved away from my family, I made it myself… now I make it for everyone in my family and many friends (my west coast family gets the first batch, as I often visit in the late fall)… my children have said we do not need a tree or snow, but we can’t do without danish… and I cannot do without making it. The grandkids love it too. As to sharing, my children and their spouses have often seen it made over the years, and I will know when it’s time to pass the torch. That will be even more fun!

  2. Amy says:

    My favorite tradition was our Christmas Eve preparation for Santa’s arrival. We’d start with an easy to prepare dinner so we had time to focus on the rest of the nights’ festivities. Unfortunately, my mom chose to make oyster soup (blech!), which turned my stomach (and later I developed an allergy to it), so I’ve carried on the tradition by preparing a more appealing cheese fondue dinner for our family, with apples, bread and fingerling potatoes for dippers. After dinner, we’d each open 1 or 2 gifts, talk about the excitement of the next morning, and then set out “reindeer food” and a snack for Santa. We went to bed anxiously awaiting Santa’s reindeer bells on our roof top, but we fell fast asleep before his arrival. The last few years, we’ve pumped up Santa’s arrival too much for our 4 1/2 year old, Noelle. She is TERRIFIED of the red suited guy entering our house in the middle of the night. Last year, she requested that he leave the gifts on the front porch so he wouldn’t have to come inside and the past two years, she’s stayed up until well past midnight standing guard. So, we might have to tone down our Christmas Eve preparations a little bit 🙂

  3. Mollie Ayala says:

    We gather at my grandparents house and open our gifts/celebrate with aunts uncles cousins at midnight. Its a big celebration that starts around 9pm on Christmas Eve and ends around 6am on Christmas. Christmas we sleep til noonish when all the brother sisters nieces and nephews celebrate at my parents house. I would love to continue the tradition but it seems every year less and less family come to my grandmas. We will probably go until my parents start to celebrate at midnight at their house.

  4. Jen says:

    We used to open presents at home on Christmas Eve, and do stockings and Santa presents on Christmas morning. After getting dressed, we’d usually go to church with my Grandma, and then head back to her house to open up more presents. She also used to make us pancakes during this! Now with the kiddos, we usually open presents at my in-laws house on Christmas Eve, and Christmas morning is reserved for our 4 person family unit! Then we go over later in the day to spend more time with the grandparents.

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