feeling ducky, 7 random things, and a giveaway

I have 8 things to share with you…

1st…the weekend.

Last Sunday, we decided to have a fire in the backyard in the middle of the day.

It was about 40 degrees out.

We roasted hot dogs for lunch.

Snuggled under thrifted quilts.

Drank hot chocolate.

And, roasted marshmallows.

It was a perfect Sunday afternoon.

2nd…on a whim.

I decided to move the furniture in Lorelai’s room…again.

And, since I was moving the furniture around I decided to add a little vintage feel, too.

I’ll do a full post about her room in the future.

3rd…fabric is fun.

One of the best things about working at my old interior design job was the days when the fabric reps would visit. They would bring their fabric in, throw it on the table during their presentation, and we would pass it around oohing and ahhing.

I don’t get visits from fabric reps anymore, but I still ooh and ahh over fabric.

The last couple of days I have been filling hoops.

We have a big hoop wall in out un-dining room and I have rearranged and added to it thanks to Megan at Sparrow Mercantile. You should also visit her blog…Contented Sparrow.

Anyway, I filled some new hoops for Lorelai’s room and Reece asked if I would do some for his room.

Have you ever seen boy themed hoops? Me neither.

However, I had some fabrics that Reece had picked out on a few of our trips to the fabric store, and some that were left over when I made his {Colton} super hero doll last year.

So, I made him some super hoops…

4th…shiny and brite.

The kids are excited for Christmas.

When they are excited, I get excited.

I found these at Goodwill.

So, we started decking the halls…still being thankful, of course.

5th…crib sheets.

I used Lorelai’s old crib sheet for one of the hoops I made for her and decided to use the rest of it for another project.

I just cut strips of fabric (three crib sheets and a bunch of other fabrics that I had in my sewing hutch) about 2″ wide by 16-18″ long and looped them around a piece of jute. It took about 2 hours and I am so happy with the result.

I love that I was able to reuse her crib sheets to decorate her room!

6th…the un-dining room.

Getting a few things up on the wall.

A vintage metal tray with vintage flash cards (just added stick on magnets to the back of the cards).

A vintage seven-up crate filled with vintage juice glasses.

And the vintage tray above it was another great find from Sparrow Mercantile. It makes me laugh!

7th…vintage linens.

Filling hoops and decking the halls got me thinking about some vintage linens I had been holding onto for just the right project.

So, I filled some hoops with vintage christmas linens!

And, they are in the shop!

8th…a giveaway!

I would like to give one of you a happy holiday hoop!

To enter leave an answer to the question below as a comment:

When do you start decking the halls?

Deadline is Monday, November 19th at 9pm Pacific.

Winner will be announced on Tuesday, November 20th!

home is…always working on a project.

odds and ends


I promised my Instagram and Facebook followers a recipe for the Pumpkin Spice Playdough we made yesterday.

Here is is:

It’s not mine…came from the kids school newsletter.


Been adding a few things to colton+cadence this week.


I also had a little fun with flash cards around home tonight.

It was soooo easy.

You need:

  • flash cards
  • background paper (I chose a paper bag)
  • frame
  • scissors
  • glue
  • sharpie or pencil

Cut paper to fit frame.

Arrange flash cards.

Glue into place.

Place into frame.

Hang on your wall.

I also made this one where I added the year we were married, the year Reece was born, and the year Lorelai was born.

home is…fun with flash cards.





I’ve been trying to write this post for the last couple of days, but for one reason or another got sidetracked.

An awesome workout got in my way.

Then my computer did not want to work.

Lorelai got snuggly.

She fell asleep on the way to pick up Reece.

Errands had to be run.

Dinner had to be made.

Furniture had to be moved for carpets to get cleaned.

You know, normal stuff.

I went wine tasting with girlfriends last weekend.

The Willamette Valley was beautiful.

The wine was good.

The company was unbeatable!

I’m happy Halloween is over. I just didn’t get into it this year.

I love the pumpkin patches and fall, but Halloween just wasn’t a big deal to me this year.

However, I was thrilled that the kids decided to go with classic costumes…all their own idea!

The downpour that had been going on for two days stopped right after dinner and the skies cleared for a beautiful evening. Trick or treating was short lived as our ghost had trouble seeing and walking, but he was a trooper and decided that handing out candy (and eating candy) at home was a lot of fun, too!


The witch collection is put away and I will do a bit more rearranging and organizing before I get the Santa collection out.


I’ve started running again and it feels good.

Nothing crazy, but I am following the “Ease into 10K” app on my phone and it gives me a goal to reach for each run.

When the weather is nice I have been running outside and pushing Lorelai in the BOB. When Reece was her age I was still doing Stroller Strides 3 times a week and pushing BOTH of them! She is so happy sitting in the stroller, taking in the sights, and talking to whatever stuffed animal friend she brings along.



When I’m not wearing my running shoes I’ve got my boots on. It is definitely boot weather around here. My Frye’s and Hunter’s are my favorites. Lorelai loves the red cowboy boots I found at the Farm Chicks Show in 2011!



This is what November looks like in our backyard. It’s a little neglected, but still beautiful. My happy place.



When we are inside we are spending time learning, playing and growing.

Both kids love writing and drawing.

Our vintage books are always fun to look at and read.

I think I need to sign Reece up for more climbing classes.

Lorelai is my snuggle bug.




In Oregon, everybody votes by mail.

It makes it easy.

I voted.



I have added some fun vintage items to the shop.

Some of them are perfect for Thanksgiving.

Go check them out!



And, last, but not least…



I’m having fun with the vintage flash cards I have found and will be adding some flash card items to colton+cadence soon!

home is…finally getting this post done.

home sweet home

We said goodbye to this yesterday…

And, after a brief delay at the airport…

We got on this and flew across the Pacific.

Lorelai and I had a nice snuggle on the plane yesterday.

The boys also snuggled for a bit…

Then we had a little fun with photo booth on my laptop…

Then I realized that the flash was going off and the other passengers might not be too happy, so we stopped. Oops!

The boys woke up from their snooze, and we all settled in for the remainder of the flight.

The kids did awesome. They are both sick and were troopers during the long flight home.

We’re all happy to be home after such a wonderful family vacation.

Now it’s back to reality…

I will be listing these in the colton+cadence etsy shop today.

Isn’t it the best feeling in the world to be home?

home is…home sweet home.


Lately, I start my mornings outside in what I call the best seat in the house.

Odyssey likes to share my coffee.

Yesterday, I found this knocked over.

Kind of a bummer.

growing up

I signed the little guy up for camp this week.

Every morning.

As of yesterday morning, he had only gone to one day.


He was brave.

After a little bit of a struggle {read: he was hugging me and my legs and not letting go} he walked into the big gym and played along side with kids twice his age.

When I picked him up, he looked so little.

His Batman backpack dwarfing his body.

He wasn’t happy.

He wanted to be with his mommy.

He hurt his toe.

It was cool outside, and they were in the pool for a long time.

I kept him home the next two mornings.

Yesterday, Ryan was home.

He wanted the little guy to go.

I totally understand the lesson he wanted to teach…you sign up for something {and Poppa works hard to make the money that pays for things} and you follow through.

The little guy went to camp.

He walked into that big gym.

He was brave.

He looked so little.

He IS so little.

I wanted him to be home with me.

I cried the whole way home.

When I got home, I cried as Ryan hugged me.

I have to admit, I signed him up for camp for selfish reasons.

I thought I would need the time away from him.

But all I want is to be with him.

And, baby girl.

They are growing up.

Right. Before. My. Eyes.

selfish reasons

I couldn’t wait to pick him up.

Baby girl and I mailed a colton+cadence order and made a quick stop at Goodwill.

Then we went to pick up the little guy.

I told him how brave he was.

I told him how proud I was of him.

I have to admit, I was telling him those things for selfish reasons.

To make myself feel better.

He had fun at camp.

When we got home, I pickled some cucumbers while the kids had a little lunch and quiet time.

Then we went on an adventure.

Local farm stores…

and, Sonic for ice cream…

before dinner!

We played outside in the backyard until Poppa came home.

Baby girl was exhausted after her bath and was asleep the second her head hit the pillow.

The little guy was having trouble going to sleep, so he got to come downstairs and play outside with the neighbors while Ryan and I worked in the garden.

Sometimes big boys get to stay up past bedtime.

I have to admit, I let him stay up way past bedtime for selfish reasons.

To spend time with him that I had missed in the morning.

To redeem myself.

And, to make myself feel better.


home is…learning from our mistakes.

it was a good day

Yesterday at 7am, as my post went live, I heard a meow outside in our backyard.

I listened again, carefully, because I had been hearing imaginary meows for almost 2 days.

Sure enough, it was a loud meow…

I ran downstairs and looked out the back door.

I was Hobbes!

He was covered in pine needles and cobwebs, but nothing worse.

He was purring and so happy to see the kids and me.

Both of the kids were happy he was home.

I fed him, gave him his insulin, and made sure that he was inside as we left for school.

On our return from school, the kids got on bikes and we went through the neighborhood taking down our fliers.

After that we headed out to the backyard and found a big mouse in the middle of the extra dog bed we have been keeping outside.

Hobbes brought home a trophy from his adventure!

As an extra bonus, Lala asked me to put a ponytail in her hair…something she has refused to let me do forever!

And, Ryan surprised us by coming home for the night between travel from Montana to California!

home is…having the family back together again.