refreshing reveal

last year at this time we were packing up our entire house and getting ready for a big refresh of our spaces.

i never really got around to blogging about the updates, and I have really missed blogging, so i thought i would jump right back into it with posts about the updates we made in our home!

if you’ve followed my blog for years, then you have already seen the transformation of our kitchen BEFORE last summer…if you’re new, you can jump to this post to see where we came from.


9-kitchen 2-2008

4-kitchen 2-2008

12-kitchen 2-2008

2-kitchen 2-2008

fast forward to twenty-sixteen…

1-kitchen 2-2016

4-kitchen 2-2016

5-kitchen 2-2016

7-kitchen 2-2016

and, here is the PRESENT…

we didn’t change the layout.

we didn’t buy new cabinets.

we kept our appliances.

we didn’t change the lighting.

what did we change?!

i’ll tell you in my next post…stay tuned.

home is…finally revealing our refresh.

{before and after} home is in the kitchen

we moved into our current house eight years ago.

we’ve done a lot of work on our home, but parts of it still need some major updating.

when we moved in, i took photos of all of the rooms in the house. i didn’t write a blog back then, but as an interior designer, i was used to taking “before” photos for client projects.

i knew that this house would be an ever evolving project of my own, so wanted to make sure i had photos.

i have written a post about our backyard using our “before” photos, but i haven’t written about any of the interior spaces with the before photos.

we are in the process of working on some additional updates to the house, so i thought it would be fun to start some “before and after” posts.

so, here it goes…

9-kitchen 2-2008

one of the reasons we bought this house eight years ago was because it wasn’t updated. yes, you read that right. we looked at houses that had been updated, but none of them had been updated the way we liked. and, even bigger than that, none of them had the lot that this house has. you can always change the interior of your home, but you can’t add to the lot it sits on!

8-kitchen 2-2008

the view from the kitchen window has changed a lot over the last eight years!

10-kitchen 2-2008

we updated all the appliances first.

4-kitchen 2-2008

then, i added our mason jar pendant lights.

12-kitchen 2-2008

11-kitchen 2-2008

in 2013, we {i} painted the cabinets…

2-kitchen 2-2008

and, we had laminate flooring installed on our entire first floor.

fast forward to twenty-sixteen…

1-kitchen 2-2016

2-kitchen 2-2016

3-kitchen 2-2016

4-kitchen 2-2016

5-kitchen 2-2016

6-kitchen 2-2016

7-kitchen 2-2016

these photos were taken at approximately the same time of day during february…eight years apart!

after living through the transition over the last eight years, i needed a side by side…

before and after 1

before and after 2

before and after 3

before and after 4

before and after 5

before and after 6

before and after 7

you guys, the majority of the change came from PAINT!

yes, we put in new appliances and floors, but the big change came on the walls and cabinets.

that being said, if i had it to do all over again, i would have gone about the painting differently. three years ago my kids were three and five and home with me most days. i did this all over the summer with them home! so, the paint job is far from professional, but it makes a big difference!

i cannot go into HOW to paint your cabinets…there are a lot of other places to figure that out, but what i can say is if you think it will make a difference in your kitchen {and home}, it will. there is no question about that.


well, that was a lot of fun. i am excited to visit each of the main rooms in our home {before and after} in the next few weeks!

home is…eight years and a little paint.

{our home} summer kitchen project

shortly after i returned from whatever craft weekend (which i promise to write about soon), i decided it was time to paint the red walls in our kitchen white.

kitchen 1

i asked my instagram friends what whites they have used, but was too impatient to wait for all of the suggestions and decided to go with the pot of cream from behr (the sample on the far left).

kitchen 2

reece was still in school, so lorelai and i got to work.

kitchen 3

it was an instant transformation on the walls, so i thought, “why not paint EVERYTHING white?!”

kitchen 9

soon, i was testing the paint on the cabinets and drawers…on the hallway walls…and in the playroom.

kitchen 10

and, i LOVE it!

kitchen 5

it has already made our kitchen seem bigger and brighter.

kitchen 6

it’s been A LOT of work, though. i will not be posting any kind of “how to” about this project because i am winging it…i’ve watched videos, read numerous how to’s on my own, but until i actually got into it i had no idea what i was getting into.

kitchen 4

the good news? the bases and drawers are all painted.

kitchen 7

the cabinet doors have been tricky for me to get a smooth finish on, but i’m working on it…one door at a time.

kitchen 8

i think we will be adding new floors to the first floor, too.

think oak laminate plank flooring.

this is one of those BIG projects that we didn’t have time or resources for that i wrote about in our home tour on life made lovely.

sometimes, you make the time and find the resources to get it done.

and, we are.

home is…hard work and patience.

cooking up a remodel

A little over a year before we moved from Denver to Portland we completed a total kitchen remodel.

via me

I loved that kitchen.

Our current house has a dated kitchen that is in need of some remodeling attention that we just can’t afford to give it now.

My taste has changed a bit in the last 6 years. In Denver I wanted warm wood cabinets, slate floors (which I would be happy with here, too), and saturated colors (you can see the red, green and yellow that was on our walls in that home).

The kitchen below is almost exactly what I would do in our kitchen if we could remodel.

white cottage small kitchen floor plan


I love the crisp white cabinets, touches of chalkboard paint, the center island, and the dark countertops in the kitchen below. It’s the opposite of what we have now (wood cabinets, white countertops, and light floors). With the grey, wet winters that we get here in the Pacific Northwest I think this bright kitchen would end up being my favorite space in the house!

white cottage small kitchen


I could always start by painting our current cabinets and walls white, right?!

A new sink and faucet wouldn’t hurt either…

white cottage small kitchen sink


And, I have plans for our pantry/refrigerator wall in our kitchen…minor changes that would make a huge difference.

Like getting rid of this mess…

via me

This kitchen desk is just a clutter catcher and a huge waste of space!

home is…cooking up a kitchen remodel.