cooking up a remodel

A little over a year before we moved from Denver to Portland we completed a total kitchen remodel.

via me

I loved that kitchen.

Our current house has a dated kitchen that is in need of some remodeling attention that we just can’t afford to give it now.

My taste has changed a bit in the last 6 years. In Denver I wanted warm wood cabinets, slate floors (which I would be happy with here, too), and saturated colors (you can see the red, green and yellow that was on our walls in that home).

The kitchen below is almost exactly what I would do in our kitchen if we could remodel.

white cottage small kitchen floor plan


I love the crisp white cabinets, touches of chalkboard paint, the center island, and the dark countertops in the kitchen below. It’s the opposite of what we have now (wood cabinets, white countertops, and light floors). With the grey, wet winters that we get here in the Pacific Northwest I think this bright kitchen would end up being my favorite space in the house!

white cottage small kitchen


I could always start by painting our current cabinets and walls white, right?!

A new sink and faucet wouldn’t hurt either…

white cottage small kitchen sink


And, I have plans for our pantry/refrigerator wall in our kitchen…minor changes that would make a huge difference.

Like getting rid of this mess…

via me

This kitchen desk is just a clutter catcher and a huge waste of space!

home is…cooking up a kitchen remodel.

5 thoughts on “cooking up a remodel

  1. Fil says:

    I think large splashes of white or some other very light color with a hot primary color accent (red!) would be a VERY effective antidote to a long , grey rainy season. Is all that white hard to maintain in a hot, humid, grease-splattering environment like a kitchen?

    • stephany @ home is what you make it says:

      No different than keeping a dark wood cabinet clean.
      Dark wood hides grease better so lots of times you don’t see it if it is there.
      I would choose white for the cabinets and a white tile backsplash (which could be easily wiped clean).
      I would choose a darker color for countertops and floor (hides crumbs, grease, dirt better).
      I would keep our stainless appliances.
      I like the idea of red accents. We wouldn’t have much wall left to paint if we did a tile backsplash, so the red may just have to be a teapot like in our kitchen in Denver!

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