{our home} summer kitchen project

shortly after i returned from whatever craft weekend (which i promise to write about soon), i decided it was time to paint the red walls in our kitchen white.

kitchen 1

i asked my instagram friends what whites they have used, but was too impatient to wait for all of the suggestions and decided to go with the pot of cream from behr (the sample on the far left).

kitchen 2

reece was still in school, so lorelai and i got to work.

kitchen 3

it was an instant transformation on the walls, so i thought, “why not paint EVERYTHING white?!”

kitchen 9

soon, i was testing the paint on the cabinets and drawers…on the hallway walls…and in the playroom.

kitchen 10

and, i LOVE it!

kitchen 5

it has already made our kitchen seem bigger and brighter.

kitchen 6

it’s been A LOT of work, though. i will not be posting any kind of “how to” about this project because i am winging it…i’ve watched videos, read numerous how to’s on my own, but until i actually got into it i had no idea what i was getting into.

kitchen 4

the good news? the bases and drawers are all painted.

kitchen 7

the cabinet doors have been tricky for me to get a smooth finish on, but i’m working on it…one door at a time.

kitchen 8

i think we will be adding new floors to the first floor, too.

think oak laminate plank flooring.

this is one of those BIG projects that we didn’t have time or resources for that i wrote about in our home tour on life made lovely.

sometimes, you make the time and find the resources to get it done.

and, we are.

home is…hard work and patience.

4 thoughts on “{our home} summer kitchen project

  1. kathy says:

    What a transformation! I liked the red walls, but like the white even better! The oak flooring will look lovely with the white…. more contrast than with the red…

  2. Julie Catlin says:

    Love what you have done! But be sure any change does take a lot of work !! That is the magic and the problem . Too many people are afraid of the work ! It is so worth it! Watch uncle Buzz when he enjoys all his toys or Topher after a good hunt. They put their heart into what they are doing and make it spectacular! So do Michele and I! Anything worth doing helps you grow as a person. You are magic!! Love, meme

    Sent from Julie’s iPad …

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