when it rains…

…it pours.

when it rains it portlands 7

when it rains it portlands 8

when it rains it portlands 9

OR,  like we say around these parts…it Portlands!

when it rains it portlands 5

when it rains it portlands 4

when it rains it portlands 6

when it rains it portlands 2

when it rains it portlands 3

So,  you put on your Poppa’s muck boots, your fuzzy hat, and go jump in some puddles!

home is…dancing (or jumping) in the rain.

{inspired} field trips

My old boss used to take us on field trips…grand adventures to look at fun stuff.

There were usually field trips within field trips and a crazy car ride to go along with it all.

It was always a good time…and usually ended with cocktails.

On Tuesday I took myself on a little field trip to Grand Marketplace in Southeast Portland.

It was fabulous.

grand marketplace 2

grand marketplace 3

grand marketplace 4

grand marketplace 5

grand marketplace 9

grand marketplace 10

grand marketplace 11

grand marketplace 12

grand marketplace 13

grand marketplace 15

grand marketplace 17

grand marketplace 19

grand marketplace 20

grand marketplace 22

grand marketplace 21

grand marketplace 1

grand marketplace 6

grand marketplace 7

grand marketplace 8

grand marketplace 14

grand marketplace 16

grand marketplace 18


Most of it is way out of my price range, but I absolutely love to get inspiration. Someday, I will be able to pick like these “professionals” or afford what they find.

Until then, I will keep visiting for inspiration.

If you live in the Portland area, you should go.

Also, if you live in the Portland area, what are some of your favorite places to go on inspiring field trips?

home is…field trips within field trips.

a new day


It’s amazing how a shower, putting on “real” clothes, getting out of the house, and watching your kiddo learn something new can change your mindset.

The little guy had his last swim lesson of the current session last night. We couldn’t miss it.

This summer, we realized that our little guy LOVES the water.

He has excelled in his swim lesson this fall. By the second class the instructor said he was ready for the next level.

By then end of the class yesterday she said he was almost ready to skip  level.

His stroke is strong, he is confident, and he LOVES the water.

I grew up spending the summer at the pool.

Swim team early in the morning, pool all day, and when I was in high school I lifeguarded as a summer job.

I am thrilled to see his confidence.

I needed that yesterday.

This morning I am sitting here watching the sun stream in through our windows.


In December.

In Portland, Oregon.

I am listening to my kids play together in the other room while the Christmas lights glow and Christmas music plays in the background.

This is more like it.

home is…a new day.

{summer in snapshots} week seven

So, I missed a couple of weeks while we were on vacation.

We went to visit my husband’s family in New York.

I will get a post up about that after I get a post up about our beach trip from the 4th of July!

Can we say I am a little behind on keeping up?!

Here is where the dogs go when we are out of town…

And, this is a bit of what we have been doing since we got back…

home is…summer is finally here in the pacific northwest!

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get moving…

…it’s Monday!


That’s how long it took me to run the Shamrock 8k.

9:15 pace.

In the rain.

I love setting goals and achieving them!

My goal was to run the 4.9 miles in less than 50 minutes.


By the way, I came across this online article about setting and achieving goals. Are you a goal setter? Do you get a thrill from the action of setting, doing and achieving your goals?

home is…being a junkie for goal achievement.

impromptu food adventure…

Today was my husband’s birthday and, despite being an “old man”, he is still pretty cool.

We decided to go on an impromptu food adventure around Portland to celebrate.

First stop, Metro Perc for some Stumptown coffee…

The little guy specifically told me that he wanted to go to the “apple farm” (Oregon Heritage Farm) to buy his Poppa an apple for his birthday.  So, that was our next stop…

The little guy even used his own money to buy the apple for his Poppa…

Recently, Portland was voted to have the best food carts in the world…yes, WORLD!  We decided to check some of them out.  It was a hard choice to make because there are so many to choose from, but we chose Cartopia which is located at SE 12th and Hawthorne…

We ordered the Margherita Pizza from Pyro Pizza

a turkey, cream cheese and avocado crepe from Perierra Creperie

a shrimp Po’Boy from Bubba Bernies

and some fries from Potato Champion

The entire family enjoyed the food and the atmosphere…

My husband called the pizza from Pyro Pizza the best pizza he has had in Portland since we moved here almost 5 years ago.

We also ordered a last minute pie from Whiffies, but it was inhaled before I could take a photo of it!

Since we were in SE, we “needed” to stop by the HUB (Hopworks Urban Brewery…see my earlier post about it) for a growler to bring home for later…

We made it home in time for the kiddos to take naps and still have the rest of the day to celebrate!

Home is…an impromptu food adventure to celebrate the “old man’s” birthday.