school days

It’s official.

I now have a kindergartner…

…and a preschooler.

I have always loved the beginning of a new school year and I hope to get my kids excited about school each year instead of dreading it.

Last night I set out their clothes, made Reece’s lunch, and got them to bed early.

Today, I set my alarm for 5:30, made a pot of coffee (can you believe all we had in the house was decaf?!), fed the dogs and cat, and made the kids hot chocolate and breakfast.

Then, I headed upstairs to wake my sleepy heads.

Reece was sound asleep in his bed (bedtime was a breeze last night AND he slept in his bed all night) when I slipped into his room an quietly opened the shades on his window. I sat down next to him and put my hand on his back. He rubbed his eyes, stretched, and sat up.

I quietly said, “iIt’s time to get up. You’re a kindergartner today.”

We quietly walked into Lorelai’s room, opened her shades, and sat down on her bed. She sat up quickly, and I reminded her that it was the first day of school.

We went downstairs where the promise of a show and hot chocolate awaited.

Reece ate two scrambled eggs.

Lorelai ate a banana.

Reece listened and obeyed all morning.

Lorelai threw fits about breakfast, her clothes (no skirts, long sleeves, buttons, or ties), and her shoes.

Finally, I got Lorelai dressed and we headed out back for some photos…

They are both attending school at the same school Reece has been at the last two years. The kindergarten is state accredited, but private. Reece has 13 students in his class. Half of them were in his pre-K class last year. It’s awesome to see familiar faces.

It made the morning go smoothly.

One of the first faces he saw was his buddy James who has been in his class since he was 3.

We dropped Reece off at the kindergarten class.

No tears.

I was so proud of the little guy.

{Don’t let this photo fool you, he’s playing it cool}

I took Lorelai to her class, which is right next door.

She wanted me to stay.

I showed Reece to her in the classroom next door (through an adjoining door), handed her off to her teacher and left.

It’s easiest to do it that way.

{And, don’t let this photo fool you, this was way before we got to her class}

Now, you may wonder what I did with my 2 hours of free time…I slept.

I have been battling a cold for the last 10 days and I think it may have turned into a sinus infection.

Yeah, exciting first day of freedom, but I’ve got to get healthy!

When I went to pick Lorelai up they were walking from the gym back to the classroom. She was second in line and doing fine! She saw me and waved, but stayed in line with her class.

We were reunited and she wanted to show me some special things in her classroom.

We went home, had lunch and went back to pick up her brother (in the future, she will probably stay for lunch so I am not driving back and forth all morning).

He had a wonderful day and I think kindergarten is going to be awesome for him.

On the way to school I asked him what he wanted to learn at school today and he said he wants to learn to read!

home is…the beginning of a new school year.

serious about fort building

After a long and busy last week of preschool, a short weekend with Ryan out of town for a work meeting on Saturday, and a rainy Monday morning, we resorted to fort building to start our first week of summer break!

And, when we build forts, it’s not just the blanket thrown over a table kind of fort.

This is what you call a keep-it-up-all-week-fort.

And, since the weather looks like it will be rainy all week, that is what we will do!

The weekend was short with Ryan having to work in California until Saturday night, but we tackled a fun project in the little guy’s room.

We took apart the bunk bed and turned it into two twin beds. Nobody really ever wanted to sleep in the top bunk, so now the kids are excited about the prospect of Lala having a “sleepover” in Bobo’s room!

It’s official. I have a kindergartner…

and a preschooler!

We celebrated at the little guy’s school on Friday.

A luau party.

To celebrate summer birthday’s and moving on to kindergarten!

Complete with ice cream sundaes!

The little guy will be attending kindergarten and Lala will be going to preschool at the same school next year.

Teacher Becky said, “…out of all the boys I would take {the little guy} home with me. I hope he never loses his sensitivity. He is so thoughtful and caring.”

And, Teacher Janie has been one of his teachers the last two years. I will miss seeing her on a regular basis next year. She is always happy and smiling. I hope Lala has her for a teacher eventually.

So, we’re officially on Summer Break.

I will be back later this week with our summer list that we tried for the first time last year!

Stay tuned…

home is…keep-it-up-all-week-forts.

the little guy said

Last night when I was snuggling with the little guy I asked him who he thought he would play with at school tomorrow.

He replied, “Josiah.”

I replied, “I am happy to hear that. What about James and Jaiden.”

“Uh-huh, ” he said.

“Oh, any what about Lucy and Emily?” I asked, thinking I should add in some girl names.

“You know I play with Lucy and Emily,” the little guy chuckled.

“Yeah, you’re right. They are cute,” I said.

“Emily is the cutest.”

He actually has a “cutest” out of the girls.

My heart melted.

And, Emily is VERY cute.

She sat in my lap when the teacher read a book when I visited their class last year.

Lucy is VERY cute, too.

home is…getting into my little guys head and heart when there are no distractions.

funny feet

Today was the little guy’s first sharing day at preschool…

Monday afternoon the little guy and I came up with a list of things that start with the letter “F”.

Tuesday, we did an online search for images of those words.

I also looked through photos of the little guy to see if there were some of him with things that start with “F”.

I cut out the photos and images, glued them to colored construction paper, taped a ribbon to each and tied the ribbon around a hair elastic (they get really stretched out from my hair). I put the hair elastic around the top of a pair of boots and voila!

funny feet

friends and fresh flowers

fire, football and foot


four fingers, fall and french fries

family fun at the farm last fall

feather, fishing and fox

fireman, fire and four years old!


home is…feeling fortunate for my four year old!

happy new year

My father in law wrote the following poem about the start of a new year being in the fall:

I agree. I always felt that the start of a new year was when school started.

I loved the anticipation of starting school.

I hope I can instill that love of starting something new in my kiddos.

As for the little guy he has been asking for almost two weeks when he gets to start school.

Today was the day.

He was up at 6:30 and said, “Can I go to school now?”

He had a great first day and I know this year will be a fantastic year for him…and our family!

He is in Pre-K at the same fabulous school that he attended last year. I wrote about choosing his school here.

I couldn’t be happier with the choice!

home is…the start of a new year.

water wall

I’m finally getting around to reusing some items that have been sitting around our house for one reason or another now that we can play outside in the beautiful weather!

For instance, we have parts from the little guys crib, which was recalled, that I have been saving for some kind of project and I have come up with two. Here is the first…

We made a “water wall”…much like the one  below that I found on Pinterest.

created at: 06/21/2011

I decided to use what we had lying around and instead of a piece of fence, I used the mattress support!

We also had to replace a hose this past weekend (have you ever heard of the peanut in the hose prank?!), so I had plenty of extra hose lying around.

I was able to attach our bottles and tubing with zip ties instead of wing nuts…and we can change our water path on a whim!

We were limited on bottle choices as our recycling was picked up this morning, but I will be saving plastic containers to change our wall up in the next few weeks.

Ours was pretty simple, but I am only dealing with a four year old and almost two year old so it was entertaining for them!

We will be adding some toys to their playhouse in the next week or so, and doing some landscaping in the next month or so.

I am hoping that the water wall will help to water some of the plants we have planned near the playhouse!

home is…fun summer projects!

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a morning in the life of the little guy

This morning I spent 2-1/2 hours in the little guys preschool classroom. While we are not required to volunteer in the classroom, we are welcome to sign up to visit and help out. Today was my 1st day to help out in his classroom.

We played with cars, read books, made Shamrock headbands, had circle time, took a bathroom break, had snack, went to PE, and had a St. Patrick’s Day parade with the other class through the kindergarten classroom and the main office.

It was like a whirlwind.

Honestly, the quickest 2-1/2 hours that I can remember!

His teachers are amazing.

The kids are adorable.

They have great activities planned, keep the kids moving and engaged, and everybody was getting along and having fun!

The little guy wanted me right by his side the entire time, and I didn’t mind that. The other kids warmed right up to me and were so cute wanting to sit on my lap, have me read them books, and hold my hand in line. I was happy to finally learn some of the daily routine and songs that the little guy sings about the weather and the day of the week.

We also brought the snack for the day which meant the little guy got to wake everybody up from their “rest” and say the prayer before snacktime.

It was a big day.

The little guy hurt himself in PE. He literally ran in to a wall and hurt his chin. I think he would have been fine if I hadn’t been there, but he took full advantage of the fact that mommy was there. His lip quivered, there were tears, and he wanted to stop playing and making noise! He finally sucked it up for our noise parade (they learned about the letter “N” this week), and we all got our happy stamps at the end of PE…even me!

We left the noise parade in PE to play bingo with the letter people and then had a St. Patrick’s Day parade with the hats/headbands that we made at the beginning of class. Teacher Patty did get a photo of the class with their hats on, so hopefully I can add that to this post eventually.

It was a great morning spent with a glimpse into the little guys life when he is not with mommy.

Yesterday he told me that sometimes some of his friends cry and want their mommies when they are at school. I asked him if he every wanted his mommy. He said no. That actually made me happy. I am thrilled that he is so comfortable at his school with his teachers and friends.

After we had that conversation I asked, “Do you love your mommy?”

He replied, “YES!”

I had to have a little validation that he still needs me around…he’s only 3-1/2 for goodness sake!

I had hope to get photos of the morning, but it was so busy there was not even time for me to get my camera (or iPhone) out of my bag!

home is…a glimpse into the little guys life without mommy.

funtime carnival

I love the little guys school.

Remember this post from a year ago?

I couldn’t be happier with our choice.

And, most importantly, he loves it too!

On Friday night there was a carnival at his school for all the families to attend.

Games, prizes, balloons…the kids had a blast!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

home is…a family date night!

“That mom”…yep, that’s me.

Right now, the little guy goes to “school”. I say this in quotations because he actually goes to “daycare” 2 mornings a week. I call it school because it sounds silly for a stay at home mom to send their child to daycare 2 mornings a week. That’s why I stay at home, right? So we don’t have to put him into daycare?! I’m not going to go into why he goes to “school” now, but instead where he will go to school in September.


Yup, preschool. And, it is crazy how serious this is! I am reading status updates on Facebook about other kids who are already registered for preschool. I am reading blogs about how to I need to get cracking on getting my child registered for preschool or else he won’t be going to preschool next fall. Every local parenting periodical has an Open House Guide in it…and I have read them all. I have them highlighted, dogeared, and am putting the dates for Open Houses on my calendar! Last week, I attended the Lake Oswego Preschool Forum to find out more about the preschool options in our area. It was a madhouse! I am not kidding. There were mobs of people talking to the teachers and directors like this was the biggest decision of their life! I actually heard one father say, “Oh yes, I went to Montessori, ” like he is now a better person because he attended a Montessori preschool. Am I a bad person because I did not go to Montessori?!

Here’s my problem. I am stressing out about this! I know, I didn’t think I would be “that mom” stressed about getting their kid into the right preschool. My mom is a preschool teacher for heaven’s sake…I always thought my kids would go to her preschool…she just happens to live in the wrong state (she would say we live in the wrong state)!

It’s not that I am afraid that there is not a good school out there for him. There are plenty of preschools to choose from. I am just afraid that the preschool we want will not have space for him. What if I needed to get on the waitlist before he was born?! What if I forget to call on the registration day? What if the one I want him to go to right now (because it is close and convenient) does not meet my criteria when I go to the open house or to visit? What if the #2 choice doesn’t work out, either? #3? #4?

All I know is that this IS serious stuff. And, I’m going to be stressed about it until he is signed up and guaranteed a spot in the RIGHT preschool! Yes, I am “that mom”. Whatever that means.