a morning in the life of the little guy

This morning I spent 2-1/2 hours in the little guys preschool classroom. While we are not required to volunteer in the classroom, we are welcome to sign up to visit and help out. Today was my 1st day to help out in his classroom.

We played with cars, read books, made Shamrock headbands, had circle time, took a bathroom break, had snack, went to PE, and had a St. Patrick’s Day parade with the other class through the kindergarten classroom and the main office.

It was like a whirlwind.

Honestly, the quickest 2-1/2 hours that I can remember!

His teachers are amazing.

The kids are adorable.

They have great activities planned, keep the kids moving and engaged, and everybody was getting along and having fun!

The little guy wanted me right by his side the entire time, and I didn’t mind that. The other kids warmed right up to me and were so cute wanting to sit on my lap, have me read them books, and hold my hand in line. I was happy to finally learn some of the daily routine and songs that the little guy sings about the weather and the day of the week.

We also brought the snack for the day which meant the little guy got to wake everybody up from their “rest” and say the prayer before snacktime.

It was a big day.

The little guy hurt himself in PE. He literally ran in to a wall and hurt his chin. I think he would have been fine if I hadn’t been there, but he took full advantage of the fact that mommy was there. His lip quivered, there were tears, and he wanted to stop playing and making noise! He finally sucked it up for our noise parade (they learned about the letter “N” this week), and we all got our happy stamps at the end of PE…even me!

We left the noise parade in PE to play bingo with the letter people and then had a St. Patrick’s Day parade with the hats/headbands that we made at the beginning of class. Teacher Patty did get a photo of the class with their hats on, so hopefully I can add that to this post eventually.

It was a great morning spent with a glimpse into the little guys life when he is not with mommy.

Yesterday he told me that sometimes some of his friends cry and want their mommies when they are at school. I asked him if he every wanted his mommy. He said no. That actually made me happy. I am thrilled that he is so comfortable at his school with his teachers and friends.

After we had that conversation I asked, “Do you love your mommy?”

He replied, “YES!”

I had to have a little validation that he still needs me around…he’s only 3-1/2 for goodness sake!

I had hope to get photos of the morning, but it was so busy there was not even time for me to get my camera (or iPhone) out of my bag!

home is…a glimpse into the little guys life without mommy.

2 thoughts on “a morning in the life of the little guy

  1. Kam says:

    That is awesome!! And such a special memory for you both! I helped out with Baydon’s class when they did their Halloween activity afternoon. They are so cute, independent and full of wonder… but they still need us big people no matter what they think! Glad you got to have such a great experience and that he is comfortable every day for those few hours without you too!!! xooxxooxoxoxoxox

  2. kathy says:

    what a great day… and also a glimpse into a few of the the reasons why people become teachers… the hours, days, weeks, years fly by!

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