when it rains…

…it pours.

when it rains it portlands 7

when it rains it portlands 8

when it rains it portlands 9

OR,  like we say around these parts…it Portlands!

when it rains it portlands 5

when it rains it portlands 4

when it rains it portlands 6

when it rains it portlands 2

when it rains it portlands 3

So,  you put on your Poppa’s muck boots, your fuzzy hat, and go jump in some puddles!

home is…dancing (or jumping) in the rain.

a good groove

hello monday!

i think we can get into a rythmn this week…a good groove.

last week we got derailed by colds and strep. reece and lorelai were home from school all week. by thursday we found out that reece had strep and got him onto antibiotics. seeing my kiddos sick is always hard. i feel so blessed to be able to make the decision to keep them home with me on the days they are not feeling well…so thankful for how hard ryan works so that it can be that way.

today we are back to our “normal” routine.

we walked to school as a family today…the fresh air felt so good.

it made me so happy to see reece smiling again with his friends at school.

here are a few photos from this past week…

october 1

we were able to take care of some yard clean up after some heavy rain…preparing for late fall and winter.

october 2

odyssey and i have taken a break from running the last couple of weeks…he got “fixed” so he had to take it easy for 10-14 days…we’ll get back to it this week!

october 3

when the sun shines after the rain everything glistens.

october 8

i did some crafting and minimal fall decorating while the kids were home last week.

october 6

a happy room.

october 5

the neighborhood horses eating green grass in the sun over the weekend.

october 9

pacific northwest fall color.

home is…a good groove.

no balloons

For the first time in the five summers of living in this house we did not make it to the Tigard Festival of Balloons.

I love to get up early beginning on Friday morning and walk down to the park to watch the balloons launch.

Unfortunately, it was rainy.



And, Sunday.

When my 5:20am alarm went off each morning, I listened for the rain, heard it on the roof, and went back to sleep.

Here are a few photos from years past…

And, you can see my posts from last year here and here.

It all worked out ok as baby girl woke up on Friday morning with a fever, so we spent the day lounging and fighting her fever.

By Saturday she was getting some energy back, so we headed out to goodwill while the boys washed Ben and took Odyssey for a swim.

We found a couple of treasures…

so, I have new projects to work on.

By Sunday afternoon, the sun began to come out…

These horses were out on my drive home from Trader Joe’s.

And, I was able to get out and enjoy my happy place a little bit.

We weren’t able to cross balloon festival off our summer list, but we’ll be working on some other items this week.

Stay tuned for a peek into our home later this week…

Oh, also…

Source: kellehampton.com via stephany @ on Pinterest

Kelle liked my yellow dress!

home is…no hot air, but lots of rain.

the much hyped snow storm

the much hyped snow storm

finally showed last night.

big fluffy flakes,

like rockets in the night.

down came the rain,

and washed the snow away.

the much hyped snow storm

is history today.

home is…a little tune to itsy bitsy spider.

early spring in the pacific northwest

I love it here in the Pacific Northwest.

Sure, winters are wet and grey, but it makes spring that much more welcome once it gets here.

It’s here. For now.

{at least it was on Wednesday when I wrote this post}

I know we will still have our share of rain until June, but I don’t have to be worried about late April (or even May) snow like in Colorado. And, I am not celebrating the first week of spring with a snowstorm like our family in New York.

I saw my first hummingbird as I was washing dishes and looking out my kitchen window Wednesday night. When we return from our trip to Colorado I will put our hummingbird feeders out so we can watch them until October!

We’ve played in the mud when the rain takes a break.

Remembered some of our rain soaked and neglected toys.

Played leapfrog…

…and “dogboy”.

Taken our first spring swings.

Enjoyed the early blooms.

Watched the clouds pass above the trees.

And, put our feet up in the sun.

By the time I am finished writing this post the rain will be falling again. {and, it is}

home is…soaking up the sun.

get moving…

…it’s Monday!


That’s how long it took me to run the Shamrock 8k.

9:15 pace.

In the rain.

I love setting goals and achieving them!

My goal was to run the 4.9 miles in less than 50 minutes.


By the way, I came across this online article about setting and achieving goals. Are you a goal setter? Do you get a thrill from the action of setting, doing and achieving your goals?

home is…being a junkie for goal achievement.