summer 2015: 41/89

this morning is lovely.



just what i have wished for.

the forecast looks like we won’t even make it out of the 70’s today.



just spent an hour looking through old photos on my computer…








DSC_0005they were so little…not so long ago.


it took me almost the entire class to finally release and let my muscles and mind relax.

i was going through a list, reminding myself to breathe, going through another list, reminding myself to breathe.

it’s all good.

this evening, while i was preparing dinner, baby girl started this conversation:

bg: “mommy, what is most appropriate for our family?”

i wasn’t sure what she meant by most appropriate, but i use that word often when talking about behavior, so i gave her my answer.

me: “to be kind.”

bg: getting up off of the sofa to walk into the kitchen, “i was thinking love.”

me: “oh, yes. love is very appropriate for our family. i like that answer.”

the little guy had been listening and enthusiastically chimed in.

lg: “no. no. no.”

me: “what do you think is most appropriate for our family?”

lg: “god and jesus. always.”

me: “oh, yes, you are right, too.”

i was so proud of their answers…especially considering the arguing and recent discussions about appropriate behavior lately, that at the core they have learned what is most important, and appropriate, for our family.

me: “you know what? they both are most appropriate for our family because god is love.”

summer 2015: 39/89

bagel run for breakfast.




water gun fight to cool down from the heat.

a quick trip to the thrift store for a sheet for the little guys tent cover. i have lots of flowery vintage sheets, but needed something that was a little more boyish.

i found the perfect sheet…and a few beautiful afghans.

i guess nobody is thinking about buying blankets in the 90+ degree heat.

ryan is heading out for a 4 night navigation course in central oregon later this week.

{july 19} firestarter

he needed to test his new firestarter.

i am ready for some cooler temperatures and sitting around a fire.

{july 19} firepit

i am not ready for the kids to go back to school…just want it to be cooler than the HOT we have had here this summer!

summer 2015: 37/89


my third class this week.

i’ve been practicing yoga for years…probably 15 or more…and i like it more and more every year.

i’ve always dreamed of going on a yoga retreat and/or becoming a teacher…maybe someday.

after yoga i took the kids to barnes and noble.

they had gift cards from earlier this year and i thought it would be a good time to use them.

i usually just let them pick whatever books they want.

they both chose pokemon books.

i have had a pinterest project on my mind for a  while, so after barnes and noble we went to home depot for wood and a drill bit.

a frame tent

a frame tent 1

a frame tent 2i used this tutorial to make the frames.

summer 2015: 36/89

strength conditioning…a new class i tried this morning.

one of my favorite instructors teaches it.

i will do it again.

getting back into an exercise routine always makes me TIRED the first week.

i would really like to take a nap.

i gave the kids the option of a movie or the zoo this afternoon.

i was hoping they would choose the movie because i would like to just sit.

baby girl didn’t want to do either.

the little guy wanted to go to the zoo.

we got home and watched the preview for minions.

they both decided they would like to go to the movie.




summer 2015: 35/89

this morning is loud.

the little guy is playing plants vs zombies with his cousin in new york.

baby girl is having conversations with siri.

i have been taking advantage of my 2 hours of childcare at our health club the  last two days.

both days i took yoga classes. goodness i love yoga.

yesterday i also walked on the treadmill…just 2 miles.

while i walk on the treadmill i love to people watch. it is amazing to me how many people use exercise to socialize…especially at our health club.

don’t get me wrong, i love that i get to see friends, neighbors, and acquaintances from all aspects of my life when i am there. however, i have NEVER been one to treat my exercise time as a social hour.

i get in, do my exercise, and get out.

it’s my quiet time.

my time to recharge.

this morning, i came across this article. i really could have written it myself.

the kids got to play online on our ps4 with their cousin in new york.

they miss him.

i really hope he can come visit us in oregon.

i promised the kids a pool day today.

i took them to the health club childcare and ran on the treadmill.

3.5 miles.

did i tell you i am training for a half-marathon?


oh yeah, i just decided today.

i’m not actually signed up for a race, but i am going to train like i am.

i started the hal higdon half marathon training program…i bought the app for my phone.

it all started because i bought new running shoes this morning.

actually, they were free.

i had gift cards, rewards dollars, $10 off coupon, and they were on sale.

i got a penny back.

i bought the same kind i purchased a year ago…that i was still wearing.

brooks. ghost 7.

new running shoes feel good.

so, i’m going to run a half marathon.

or, at the very least, train like i am.

we stayed at the pool a couple of hours and then the kids were done.

it was crowded and baby girl didn’t have a friend to play with so she got bored.

i really think she was tired.

salmon for dinner tonight

try this recipe:

  • salmon {we have copper river sockeye salmon that we bought fresh and froze}
  • green beans
  • kalamata olives
  • grape tomatoes
  • feta
  • olive oil
  • salt and pepper

put salmon on foil {enough to wrap around everything}. salt and pepper. drizzle with olive oil.

add a layer of green beans on top. be generous.

add kalamata olives, tomatoes, and feta.

drizzle all with olive oil. add salt and pepper.

wrap up in the foil.

bake, or put on grill until salmon is flaky.

summer 2015: 34/89

yoga, two miles on the treadmill, and a nap.

that’s about all i could handle today.

our trip to new york was so full.

it really was relaxing….seriously, my kids always had someone to play with, they rarely argued, i got some quiet time, and ryan and i actually got to do some things on our own!

there are a bunch of local burger places in rochester.

don and bobs.


bill grays.

vic and somebody…

at any rate, we took the kids to don and bob’s after we visited grandma taddeo. it’s on burger row near sea breeze. the atmosphere is old time…counter with old stools, only a few booths, cashiers yelling out orders to the cooks.

ryan had started ranking the burger places on what he could remember…we eat at one each time we visit, but sometimes it is years between visits.

the next day, we went to seabreeze and walked down to bill grays for lunch. the building is newer, cleaner and bigger than don and bob’s. they also have abbot’s custard on site, which we got at the end of the day at seabreeze

again, ryan started his comparison and ranking…not deterring from his original ranking from the day before.

on thursday, we had a quiet day at my in-laws house. ryan and i planned to go out to lunch without the kids. we were going for the trifecta…three burgers in three days.

now, if we were some hardcore food network person we would have eaten all three at one sitting, but we allowed our stomachs to settle.

for our lunch date we headed to shallers in irondequoit, near the house ryan grew up in.

atmosphere is almost as good as don and bob’s. the kicker is that they serve coca cola products. i am a coke fan. their ice is also like sonic or chick-fil-a ice. if you’ve been to sonic or chick-fil-a, you know what i mean.

so, ryan’s ranking, and i concur, is:

shallers: sauce is meaty. fries are crispy and crinkle cut. burgers actually taste like beef.

bill grays: sauce is not as meaty, but has a good kick. fries are crispy and crinkle cut. burgers are not charred.

don and bob’s: wins for atmosphere. fries were not steak fries and under cooked. burgers were over done.

are you from western upstate new york? have you ever been to one of these places? what are your thoughts?

summer list 2015 update

we checked a handful of items off our summer list during our trip to new york.

new york, of course.




not to mention, the things that were not on the list…

watch fireflies.

play in a creek.

go to an amusement park.

eat three burgers in three days.

night swimming.

watch live music.

eat frozen custard.

home is…summer, moving right along.