what do you do…

…with all of the holiday cards that you receive?

Over the years I have kept them in baskets during the holidays and then put the photo cards in a notebook/photo album after the 1st of the year. I hated the thought of throwing out (or even recycling) the cards that our friends and family put a big effort in to sending to us every year!  My aunt had (and hopefully still has) photo albums filled with all of the cards they had received over the years and I used to love looking through them on Christmas day when we celebrated at their house with our family.

During the month of December I displayed our cards on the bulletin board in the playroom that normally holds the artwork from the kiddos. It was nice to look up at friends and family from near and far while we spent time in this room over the month of December. Our Christmas morning was shared with all of you as the tree was also in the playroom and this is where we spent our Christmas morning opening gifts.

I plan to get those photos into an album…eventually.  I still have all of last years cards in a drawer waiting to be put in the 2009 album!

By the way, don’t we have some good looking friends and family?!

Do you display your holiday cards?  If so, how?  And, do you hold on to them after the holidays, or toss (recycle) them?

home is…having all of your friends and family with you for the holidays…even if it is just their photo!

11 thoughts on “what do you do…

  1. kathy says:

    I display my cards on swags (string and tiny clothespins) across the glass door to the deck (which we rarely open in December here in the northeast).
    Like you, I have saved cards for years because I couldn’t bear to part with them… now I save them for a few years to reread, then re-use them to make new cards. We send 60+ each year so I choose to make the next year’s cards right after the holidays… it’s such a peaceful project! I like your bulletin board idea, as they are the right height to read… your sisters-in-law use a display tree and kitchen wood molding ant that makes a nice display too.

  2. stephany @ home is what you make it says:

    Thanks for sharing, Kathy.
    I read a story (on a blog, and please forgive me because I can’t remember which one or I would share a link) about a family who keeps their cards in a basket on the middle of their kitchen table and they pick a card and pray for that family that night. Isn’t that thoughtful?

  3. Tracy Small says:

    As Mom said, I display them on our door/window moldings in the kitchen. After the holidays, I take all the photos and eventually put them in a photo album. I keep the fronts of the other cards and craft with them. The kids like cutting them up and making stuff.

  4. Megan says:

    This is horrible, but at this point in my life I just like to get rid of things. I have so much old stuff that I have hung on to and projects that I haven’t finished, so hanging onto old cards to scrap or reuse just becomes more mental clutter for me. We display them for quite a while on a metal card tree from Pottery Barn. There are a few cards we keep, but I recycle most of them and hang on to the photos of my niece and nephews… most other photos get tossed. Gasp!

  5. Kam says:

    I display ours on the coat closet door as you walk in the house once we start receiving them until I eventually get all of the xmas decorations down. As more and more of them tend to be photo cards I really, really hate to get rid of them. I have always kept them and they just end up on a pile and then in a box somewhere never to be looked at again. Now I am trying to incorporate as many of the photos of families and friends into my picture collage frames on the wall. This year updating pictures from the past with newer ones.
    The others will end up in a pile, later to probably be put in a box and then decades from now looked thru and remembered when the kids were so small!!!

  6. Autumn says:

    What a sweet idea to do your blog post about! I look forward every year to Christmas cards coming in the mail and we display them all over our laundry room door which is front and center to the main living area in our house. ( Your family’s is there now! ) All visitors stop and look over each card and photo. I leave them there throughout Feb and take them down when do spring clean up. The kids love it and I save all the photos and cards that are photos and put them in an album I have full of photos sent throughout the years. Fun to flip through it and see how people’s kids have grown up and styles have changed etc…

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