the little guy said…

This morning I am letting Ryan sleep in (he does the same for me A LOT).

the little guy on a Sunday morning

When I saw the little guy get out of bed on the video monitor I went upstairs to get him so he did not wake up his Poppa.  By the time I got up there he was already on the bed with Ryan.  So, I asked him to come to me so we could go downstairs.  Here is how our conversation went.

“Please come here so you can go downstairs with Mommy.”

He came to me and we started down the stairs.

As I carried him down the stairs he said, “Why?”

I was about to say, “So we can let Poppa sleep in, ” and…

"hot chocolate milk"

… the little guy said, “Because I am a lucky boy!  Because you love me so much!”

home is…spending an early Sunday morning with the little guy.

3 thoughts on “the little guy said…

  1. Kam says:

    That is so very precious! And I know that you are better about these things than most of us, but do you keep a notebook of adorable things he says?? I wish I would’ve started one of the things Baydon says long ago… and now it just seems a bit silly to start, but we still use many of “his words” from when he was younger!!
    Love, love, love the things kids say!

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