no show snow

What a bummer!

Yes, the Oregon Ducks losing to Auburn last night, but I mean the no show snow!

On Saturday night I was looking at the weather on my iphone and the local weather people were saying that we could have 6″+ of snow on the ground Tuesday night into Wednesday morning!  I was so excited thinking that the kids would get to use their new snow gear and I would not have to drive up to the mountains.

Unfortunately, since then the forecast has changed quite a bit and they are expecting the possibility of freezing rain that will turn to rain overnight. Blech, rain!

Gorge to get worst of incoming snowstorm | | Local News | Portland, Oregon.

Born and raised in Colorado, I miss the snow during the winter.  Every time I hear that we may have snow in Portland I get butterflies of excitement in my belly.

I hope that we will get at least one measurable snowfall before the winter is over.  Until then, I had better plan a snow day up on the mountain!

home is…waiting for the flakes to fly.

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