the planets aligned

At least for me they did!

Here’s how…

1. I am taking the Stroller Strides Healthy Mama Challenge where not only do we get points for attending Stroller Strides classes, but also improving other aspects of our life (Mind, Body & Spirit).

2. I love this blog.  This woman is truly and inspiration.  If you don’t read my blog everyday, read hers!

3. I want to learn more about photography (and challenge myself).  I have an awesome camera (a Nikon D60 that I LOVE!), but would actually like to learn how to take better photos, not just think I do!

4. Through Kelle’s blog I learned about this website. They offer weekly photo challenges AND tutorials!

5. Now I can earn more points for learning something new in the Healthy Mama Challenge!

6. I also have something to blog about today (and, hopefully, on many other days) for the WordPress Post a Day 2011 Challenge (which also earns me points in the HMC)!

home is…the planets aligning, even if it is just for me!

2 thoughts on “the planets aligned

  1. Ryan says:

    I’m motivated by the challenges you set forth for yourself, I also benefit from most of them, so it’s double lucky for me. Please share the photo tips with me, I know I could use them!

  2. Kam says:

    Well, in addition to all of the other classes you are taking….
    If you find a photography class that you want to take I would be willing to look into it and possibly take it with you! I have a decent mostly “point and shoot” camera that I LOVE, but would love to know about the other thousand things it can do that I don’t know how to do!! As you well know, I LOVE taking pictures and probably take pix more days of the week than most people take a month and there are always more than I could’ve imagined I took…
    Would love to take a class, learn how to take better pix and then maybe do a photo challenge or two with you!!

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