the being an interior designer part of my bio

Thanks for those of you who gave me feedback on Facebook and the {get moving…} post on Monday.

It sounds like a lot of you want to hear about the “being an interior designer” part of my bio.

It’s interesting to me that most people mentioned that they want me to blog about interior design, yet I get the most visits to my blog on the days when I post {the little guy said…} or a {wordless wednesday}. I’m hoping that by writing about interior design and answering some of your questions you will all visit my little old blog a bit more frequently!

That being said, I will try to make a point to blog about interior design once a week.

I can pick topics that interest me to start, but I would also like to answer your questions or write about topics that are of interest to you…my readers.

Leave an interior design comment or question on this post.

Or, better yet, email me (homeis at stephanytaddeo dot com) a photo and explanation or question about a design dilemma that you have.

I will plan to post about interior design on Friday’s.  I will work on answering your questions, post ideas about what you are interested in, or just share information that I am excited about!

Lastly, any ideas on what I should call my Friday posts about interior design?

If I like your name I will give you credit for it in a blog post. You could become rich and famous!

home is…the being an interior designer part of my bio.

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