not dressing like I stay at home with my kids all day

If you check out “who inspires me…” on the right sidebar of this page you will see Jones Design Company.  I can’t even remember how I came across her blog, but I love it!  She is a momma, she is creative, and she lives in the Pacific Northwest.  I am inspired by reading her blog.

One of my favorite features is her “what I wore” posts.  She takes photos of the outfits that she wore for the week.  Now remember, she is a mom.  We all can get stuck in the stay in your pajamas or workout clothes mode once in a while, but doesn’t it feel good to get dressed up?  Even if you put on a pair of  jeans (I prefer Seven or Hudson), a white t-shirt, a cute sweater, some make up and a cute pair of shoes or boots it can make you feel better!

Check out her most recent post, which also has a link to her past “what I wore” posts.

I absolutely love her style! I also love her mindset about shopping for clothes. I do a lot of shopping at Target, spend more money on designer jeans, and then add to an outfit with some cute things I find at Anthro, Nordstrom or elsewhere. Some of you may also know that for a short time in my past I was Silpada Designs representative. I have some awesome jewelry from that gig, so I try to accessorize with it when I can!

I am thinking about doing a similar type of post on my blog. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, right?  What do you think?!

home is…not dressing like I stay at home with my kids all day.

4 thoughts on “not dressing like I stay at home with my kids all day

  1. Fil says:

    For the love of God, Don’t!!!!!! Maybe it’s a guy thing, but I’d guess that your male readers could not care less about fashion and its emotional impact. Perhaps on days you blog about clothes/jewelry you should post an alert, so the male of the species can run for cover. OR. On those days write a second blog about your husband and neighbors. We know they’re out there but they’re shadowy figures. Please bring them into focus!!! That being said, I have a awesome collection of tee shirts and flannel shirts. I try to coordinate the two. When one pair of jeans get so stinky that even my dog and horse avoids me, I put on the other pair. When I have a pile of dirty clothes so big and funky that my house is in danger of being condemned, I do a load of laundry. Keep up the good work. blogs are fun.

    • stephany @ home is what you make it says:

      Oh, dearest FIL. I appreciate your comment, BUT I believe that the majority of my readers fall in to my demographic…stay-at-home moms, or at the very least, females.
      In fact, a lot of friends and family members make comments on how I dress, where I shop, and that they could use my help. Not that I am some fashionista, but I think this might be a fun topic. Besides, I am posting EVERY DAY, so you can skip a day of reading every once in a while!
      It probably won’t be a weekly post, but I probably will add some posts about what I am wearing, where I am wearing it, and where I bought it.
      As for the posts about my hubby and neighbors:
      Hubby will be making guest posts every once in a while, but I try not to post about him directly.
      I don’t have anything interesting to post about my neighbors. I do not interact with them that often. That may change, but for now it is not a topic to write about.
      Here’s an idea…why don’t YOU start a blog about your son and your neighbors?!
      Blogs are fun!

  2. Megan says:

    Oh how I love the back and forth between you two! FIL, your zings are always fun. Steph, you’re getting really good at zinging him back. 🙂

    I, for one, dress like a SAHM, but in my defense, I dressed like that well before I had children. After years of wishing that I had more style or that my SIL was my personal stylist, I have both accepted and embraced my own (lack of) sense of style. That’s right… if it’s comfortable, fits, and is easy access for breast-feeding, then I’ll wear it. I still do admire those mammas out there that always seem to dress so nicely. I think you really have to have a knack for putting things together, and I simply have never been able to hone that skill. I would be interested to see what you put together, Steph, and more importantly how you go about it. Maybe I’m not too old to learn a thing or two about style. 🙂

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