get moving…

…it’s Monday!

Just thought I would share with you all how I get moving everyday, not just on Monday. Following is my exercise routine for the week. I guess you could call it a schedule, but I like the word routine. The word routine makes me feel like I am in charge and can be flexible, schedule seems rigid and inflexible. So, I call it a routine.


As I said, this routine is flexible.  For instance, last week I didn’t follow it exactly. Here is what I did instead:

On Tuesday morning I had errands to run and wanted to go to storytime at the library with baby girl while the little guy was at school.  I was also feeling a bit tired, so decided to postpone my run, and instead, tried out a new class at our health club. On Wednesday, I made up my run at our health club while the kids were able to play in the childcare. On Thursday I went to a Stroller Strides class with baby girl while the little guy was at school.  The rest of the week I stayed with the normal routine.

I usually try to get in 2 days of Stroller Strides, 3 days of running, and a couple of classes at our health club depending on how I am feeling. I know it is important to give yourself some rest time, so if I need a day off I take it.  Or, I take it easier by doing something different (yoga, pilates, etc.).

I am so thankful to Stroller Strides for giving me the ability to workout with my children and show them the importance of exercise. I am also so thankful for our new health club membership where I can get some time for myself to workout, relax, and even take a shower without kids interrupting. I am also looking forward to the spring and summer when I can mix in some additional trips to playgrounds and water parks, the zoo, hikes in the nature parks, time at the pool, and other outdoor activities with the kids.

home is…creating a flexible routine that keeps you moving!

3 thoughts on “get moving…

  1. kathy says:

    Your routine bears no resemblance to mine as a young mother where my major exercise was chasing after your young and future husband as he madly rode his tricycle down the driveway, laughing uproariously as his very pregnant mom tried to catch him before he reached the street… no wonder labor with Megan was barely 2 hours!

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