{colorado} day 5

Today we went to one of my happiest places on earth.


From the time I was my children’s ages I spent a lot of time up in Vail…Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter. This continued throughout my 30 years in Colorado.

When I drive up the East side of Vail Pass it is like pure magic. And, when I drop over the West side into the Vail Valley it is like coming home. Everything about it is awesome…the views, the smell, the sounds.

I wanted to share this with my kids as soon as I could.

Today was the day.

It was a quick trip into the village. Across the covered bridge. Up Bridge Street to The Toy Shoppe. The same toy store, with the same Hello Kitty toys, keychains, and vanity license plates for kids bikes as 30 years ago.

We made it up to peek at the Vista Bahn and watch a couple of skiers come down the mountain. Then the kids were ready to move on.

And move on we did.

We drove up to the Cordillera where my aunt and uncle have a beautiful home. We had lunch with my aunt and uncle, cousin and his fiance.

We played, talked, reminisced about fun had in Vail together, and just enjoyed eachothers company.

Everybody was happy. It was magical.

Thank you to my mom for driving us up and back.

Thank you to my aunt, uncle, cousin and fiance for entertaining my kids.

Thank you to my wonderful kiddos for sharing one of my happiest places on earth with me.

home is…going to a happy place.

7 thoughts on “{colorado} day 5

  1. Kam says:

    What a wonderful thing to share with and experience with your kiddos!!
    It looks like they had a great time too!!
    And once again, thank you for sharing your adventures with us!! Great pix!

  2. kathy says:

    This post brought tears… of joy… sharing your happy place with your kids is such a beautiful thing to do… and good for your soul too! Sounds like Vail is to you what Lake George is to me… a very happy and healing place.

  3. Ryan Taddeo says:

    I just noticed baby girl. Check out how much she is staring and smiling at Uncle Buzz! She’s in loooovvveee!

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