{colorado} day 6

Today started with saying good morning to the deer.

And, hanging out with the dogs.

Then it was all about tu-tu’s and capes.

And, all the play that happens when you are wearing them.

I made tu-tu’s for the girls, and Meme made capes for all of the kids.

Baby girl liked the tu-tu!

The little guy and Sha-Sha, I mean Batman and Batgirl, loved the capes!

We took a trip to another beautiful playground in my parents neighborhood.

Baby girl and the little guy did not want to leave. They had so much fun in the warm, sunny weather…even if the wind was blowing like crazy.

The little guy tried to teach Sha-Sha about remote control Jeeps. She wasn’t as interested as he had hoped, but she did alright.

The Jeep has a busted rear axle…a couple too many trips down the stairs.

We did have to change the batteries three times during our visit…the little guy loves the thing! We’ll definitely have to get a remote control Jeep for home.

We even painted finger and toenails today.

My sister came up to have dinner with us tonight. I wish I could have spent more time with her, but we’ll just have to plan another visit…or they can come out to visit us in Oregon!

As I was packing up some of our things tonight the little guy asked, “Can I bring my cape home?”

I said, “Of course, that’s why Meme made it for you!”

Then he said, “Can I sleep with my cape on?”

To that I had to tell him, “No, it’s not safe.” Although I thought that was one of the cutest questions I had ever heard.

I have a feeling that we will need Meme to make many more capes for the little guy!

Meme is putting him to bed tonight…with his cape right next to him.

home is…super heros and ballerina fairies.

11 thoughts on “{colorado} day 6

  1. brandeewine says:

    I loved, loved, LOVED this post. What a wonderful day. After my daughter was born, and my parents still lived in Denver, we would vacation up there in the summertime. My mother would make capes and tu-tus and Indian teepees for the back yard, and my dad would take her out back and they’d pick & eat gooseberries.
    This is the kind of day I remember so well, and it makes me miss the Colorado sky…it’s so much bigger, or deeper or something.
    Thank you for sharing the pictures of your beautiful babies, and of your day. You brought back some great memories for me, too…so thank you for that, as well!
    Travel safely home!

  2. Ryan Taddeo says:

    I love the pic of the 2 of them looking through the deck’s fence at the deer, and the pic of meme looking over the top of her glasses while sewing. That jeep almost made 5 full days before it got “busted”, that could be a record with him!

  3. kathy says:

    what a wonderful visit you have had… it is going to be hard to leave your family and the stunning beauty of Colorado… I hope the flight home is uneventful and the kids nap for some part of it… you’ll be in my thoughts and prayers…

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