baby girl’s new bestie

This funny little thing is showing up all over our house these days.

No, we are not potty training.

Baby girl figured out how useful a stool is for a toddler and started using one at Meme and Topher’s house in Colorado.

When we got home she quickly learned how to pick up and carry this “potty stool” all over the house.

She brings it in the kitchen to stand next to me while I do dishes or make a meal.

She uses it to climb up on the big stools at the breakfast bar.

She uses it for things I didn’t know you would need to use a stool for…just because she can.

We also have one in the kids bathroom upstairs.

She carries that one all over, too.

It’s adorable…

When you’re not tripping over it in unexpected places.

home is…baby girl trying to be so big.

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