stop dreaming and start doing

So, I thought some home improvement big box store used this phrase in a marketing campaign, but I can’t find it online. What I did find when I Googled the phrase was a lot of websites about how you should stop dreaming and start doing. And, a lot of the websites specifically talked about blogging.

I LOVE blogging. Since I started blogging in 2008 it has really been an outlet for me. The WordPress Post a Day 2011 Challenge has been a lot of fun and a good challenge! However, I find that I am writing a lot about what I am dreaming of doing. Don’t get me wrong, I still believe in dreaming, but remember, I also believe in setting goals and the sense of accomplishment in achieving those goals by DOING!

I have a lot that I want to DO! I have a lot that I need to DO!

Here’s a little list:

  • Finish our photo album from 2010
  • Swap out the “cat closet” with the laundry room closet
  • Paint the kids bathroom white
  • Paint the master bedroom
  • Hang artwork in the little guys room
  • Finish hanging artwork in baby girls room
  • Family photo collage wall
  • Original artwork collage wall
  • Move dining room chandelier so it is centered over the table
  • Build platform for tree/playhouse and build playhouse
  • Do some landscaping (even if it is just planting some veggies, flowers, and hanging baskets)
  • Paint chalkboard for powder bathroom
  • Paint chalkboard for dining room
  • Paint (or buy) desktop for Ryan’s office
  • Hang awards and artwork in Ryan’s office

And, this is just what I can think of off the top of my head.

I still have lots more I want to write about on my blog, too. I want to write some stories about the past, keep a major focus on the present, and occasionally write about my dreams for the future.

But for now I want to start doing.

I will still have a blog post each day, but there may be fewer words. You may see a lot of pictures…about what I am doing.

And, about what WE are doing.

Don’t worry, the present will be my focus! If we have a super fun day and I take a lot of great photos, you will see them! If we actually finish a project and I think it is blog worthy, you will see it! When the little guy says something funny, cute or endearing you will read about it!

Let’s call it Post a Day 2011 Lite.

home is…doing.

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