Yesterday I reclaimed some space in our house for me! I am so excited about it!

We have a closet underneath our staircase. It’s an awkward space with a sloped ceiling. We used it for our “cat room” where we fed the cats and kept their litter boxes. We also kept other supplies for the cats and dogs in the closet, but nothing else.

The space is approximately 6-1/2 feet x 3 feet…about 19 sf of space…for the cats.


We now only have one cat, so I moved his space to the smaller closet in the laundry room and have reclaimed the space under the stairs as mine. While I would love to do something totally creative and fun with it I am most likely going to be practical.

I need a space to store my craft supplies, art and craft supplies for the kids, somewhere to hang up my bag(s) and put my camera, a general “dumping ground” for some of my things that don’t have a home, and a central home organization area (you know, a space for family calendar, school newsletters, and other such things). Right now I use random corners, the impractical desk in the kitchen, and the dining room for these uses.

I’d like to pull some electrical into the space for a lamp or overhead light as there is not a light in there now (maybe a quick project my dad could help with this summer), I’d like to paint it a fun color, and I’d like to add some of the Trofast storage from IKEA.

While I would like it to be a project that I could get done this weekend, that is not practical. Maybe I can get started on the painting…what color?!

Do you have a similar space in your home? What have you done with it?

home is…a little space for my things.

7 thoughts on “reclamation

  1. Fil says:

    We had a cork board wall in our old house. It’s great for posting calendars, notices, programs, schedules etc. Light colors make spaces appear larger BUT if this space is mostly for storage–camera etc.–perhaps a modest shelf is more important than the color . . ON the other hand if this becomes a small female cave in which to recharge, perhaps bold color, lamp and cosy pillows. Function will lead to the “right choices. ” Have fun. Down with clutter!!!!

    • stephany @ home is what you make it says:

      Thanks, Fil!
      I am thinking at least one corkboard in the space…maybe even some chalkboard paint.
      The storage will be unfinished wood and some plastic bins (if you click on “Trofast” in the post you will see the storage). The bins can be any color, but I will probably do pinks and greens.
      This is the only space in the home that I can call mine…all other spaces are shared with other family members (and truthfully I am sharing this space with the kids art supplies, too).
      So, while there will not be enough room for me to hang out in there, I do want it to be a bit of a “mom cave”.
      It will be girly!

  2. Stef says:

    We all need a space to claim as our “own” – I’m glad you are taking the 19 sq feet for yourself!

    I’m spoiled – I have an entire home office that is “my” space. But we also don’t have kids… 😉

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