There is no direct way to fly to Rochester, New York from Portland, Oregon.

And, Ryan’s parents have had to take a very indirect route for the second time.

They are stuck in Chicago.

There are worse places to be stuck.

We got stuck in Chicago flying home from Rochester to Denver one year.

We ended up just making a mini-vacation out of it…stayed at Hotel Monaco, went shopping on Michigan Avenue, explored the museums.

Unless you have the time, money and desire to do it how we did it it is not fun to be stuck.

You have it in your mind that you are going to get to sleep in your own bed.

You make (or had already made) plans for what you will want and need to get done upon your return home.

And then it all needs to be reworked.

While I am at home feeding, bathing, and putting the kids to bed alone (Ryan left town this afternoon, too) at least I am at HOME.

I am sorry that they are stuck.

Hopefully they can get home tomorrow.

And, if not, hopefully they can make the best of it and explore Chicago a little bit (the train from the airport to downtown is so easy)!

I intend to finish my posts from their visit this week.

There are a lot of photos to go through.

home is…being home and wishing others were able to get home, too.

One thought on “bummer

  1. kathy says:

    words to the wise: unless you are very large and aggressive, NEVER stay in a hotel that has ONE 10-passenger courtesy van when there has been a weather event… I will let FL add the details in a guest blog sometime…
    the visit was wonderful and all that lovin’ overshadows the inconveniences of Chicago accommodations!

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