boys will be boys

Last night I was getting the bath ready for the kids.

The little guy was running around and baby girl was following and laughing.

At the same time I heard the little guy run into our room and crash into the window I also heard glass break.

Thankfully it was not our bedroom window.

Both kiddos were OK, so I ran downstairs.

Our neighbors have three boys.

Their boys all play sports.

They put a sport court in their backyard last summer.

This spring the two oldest boys are playing lacrosse.

The lacrosse ball slipped past the 5+ ft net that rises above our fence and hit the only window that it could.

The outer pane of the double pane window was shattered.

I waited for the doorbell to ring as I knew they would be over to tell me the news.

Their oldest came over and I answered the door.

He just looked at me…with 14 year old puppy dog eyes.

I said, “I know. I heard it. It’s OK.”

He said, “I’m soooo sorry.”

They came over and cleaned up the glass.

Their mom and dad are making them pay for the window.

Their mom texted me last night and said they also owe us free babysitting!

I went to the front door today after their mom sent me a text that she had left something at our front door.

There was a bottle of white wine and some chocolate chip cookies.

She said it was to make up for her boys.

I told her that they are good boys because they ARE.

They are just boys.

I am sure I will be making up for my boy at some point in the future, too.

I wouldn’t have it any other way.

home is…boys being boys and good neighbors

2 thoughts on “boys will be boys

  1. Fil says:

    Good blog! . . . not to mention a reminder of what neighborliness should be. . . . and a teachable moment for the little guy.

  2. Ryan Taddeo says:

    He’s lucky you answered the door, I would have been a lot harder on him, but just for fun of course. You handled it well, and as the saying goes, things happen, it’s more important how you react.

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