last day

The little guy had his last day of school today.

He’s ready for summer break.

Mother nature has not received his memo.

Let’s hope she gets it soon or it’s gonna be a LONG “summer” break for all of us.

I should have done something special for him to celebrate his first year of school.

I didn’t and feel like I should have.

I am looking forward to slower mornings without a reason to be leaving the house by 8:38 am so that we can get to school on time.

I am working on a “summer list”. It’s an idea I read about here.

{By the way, when you visit the site above check out the project she had her girls do…that will go on our summer list}

I worked on a project tonight.

I am new to this school stuff…you know, teachers gifts, volunteering in the classroom, not forgetting snack, etc.

I hope sometime in the next 15-18 years I finally get it down…hopefully sooner rather than later.

Anyway, I was working on some of the end of school year gifts for the teachers.

Better late than never.

I will post about them next week.

home is…being a newbie to this whole school thing.

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