the little guy said

Little Guy: “Mommy, when will we move to a new house?”

Mommy: “Oh, I don’t know. We may never move to a different house. We might just stay in this one.”

LG: “I don’t want to stay in this one.”

M: “Why?”

LG: “This house is boring.”

5 thoughts on “the little guy said

  1. Tracy Small says:

    My little boys are always saying they want to move! They also both want to go to daycare because they see the big playgrounds. Of course when I tell them they will need to go to daycare before school, after school and by the time I picked them up after my job it would be dinner, bath, homework and bed…then the playground isn’t quite worth it 🙂

  2. Kam says:

    Knowing you… I would say your house is anything BUT boring!! You are always changing and rearranging and ‘making it new’!!!
    Ask him what he would do to not make the house boring?? And tell him moving is really really hard work and what if he thought the new house was boring too?? Miss you!!

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