summer 2015: 24/89

new york

fourth of july.

independence day.

we took a whole family photo, which happens every two years when we visit.

{july 4} 1there’s usually a theme associated with the photo.

{july 4} 2this year, each generation wore a different color bandana.

{july 4} 3the cousins are still stair steps, but some of them are evening out.

{july 4} 4{18, 13, 10, 8, 7-364/365, 5, 5, 3}

{july 4} 5this guy was way too big for me to catch. he was wondering why we were invading his quiet space.

{july 4} 6for duck races, of course!

{july 4} 7

{july 4} 8the creek wasn’t flowing as fast as it had been a couple of days ago.

{july 4} 9

{july 4} 10the ducks had to be urged on a bit.

{july 4} 11


{july 4} 12the kids swam in the pool while we prepared dinner. ryan and i were in charge of most of the food. there was definitely plenty to eat!


{july 4} 13

{july 4} 14

{july 4} 15


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