{milestones} the little guy is eight

eight years old.

do you know what that means?

it means that i have been a mom for more than half of our married life.

we waited seven years to have kids.

let me tell you, this eight year old made it all worth it.

he is an amazing human being.

he’s loving…he loves his family and friends like crazy.

he’s funny…especially when he’s not trying too hard to be funny.

he’s strong…headstrong, heart strong, and physically strong.

he’s brave…he’s willing to try anything…sports, food, new activities.

he’s smart…he doesn’t love our summer learning packets, but he does love to learn. he excelled in first grade, and i think second grade is going to be an awesome year for him!

he has his own opinions, ideas, and thoughts.

i love him so very much.

i asked him some questions this morning to get a feel for how he feels at eight…

  • favorite color: green, gold, and purple
  • favorite toy:  ipad
  • favorite t.v. show:  mountain men
  • favorite game:  rayman legends and planes vs zombies garden warfare
  • favorite snack:  apples
  • favorite animal:  dog, cat, panda, and wolf
  • favorite holiday:  my birthday
  • favorite book:  arctic tale
  • favorite song:  don’t really have one
  • what do you take to bed:  black puppy
  • favorite food:  pizza and ice cream cake
  • favorite thing to do outside:  play
  • what do you want to be when you grow up:  youtuber
  • what are you most grateful for:  everything
  • favorite part of the day:  lunchtime
  • what makes you happy:  when i get lots of rest and don’t have to play
  • what are you scared of:  spiders
  • what makes me special:  everything about me

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