summer 2015: 25/89

new york

happy birthday to the little guy who made me a mom!

baby girl couldn’t wait for the little guy to open the gifts from her.

{july 5} 2she gave him matchbox cars, gummy bears, and gummy worms…which were all on his birthday list!
{july 5} 3he also go a phone call from meme and topher, and was able to open the gift they sent to him.

{july 5} 4

{july 5} 1i ran out to get birthday breakfast from dunkin donuts.
{july 5} 5nothing like being able to light your own birthday candle!

{july 5} 6bops took us on another hike in the area.

{july 5} 7i got a little one on one time with the birthday boy…my favorite part of the day!
{july 5} 8

{july 5} 9

{july 5} 10

{july 5} 11

{july 5} 12

after lunch and a little rest we went swimming.

we forgot our go pro, so my iphone and life proof case will have to do!

birthday dinner.

homemade ice cream cake.

presents.{july 5} 14doesn’t get much better than that when you are eight…or any age for that matter!


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